• Toyota Land Cruiser 78
    Toyota Land Cruiser 78
  • CF850 vaccine refrigerator
    CF850 vaccine refrigerator


Mar. 31, 2021
First Refrigerated Vehicle for Vaccine in the World to Obtain WHO's Performance, Quality and Safety Prequalification

Toyota Tsusho Corporation ("Toyota Tsusho"), Toyota Motor Corporation ("Toyota"), and B Medical Systems S.a r.l. ("B Medical Systems") announced today that the vehicle with a dedicated refrigerator for transporting vaccines at the appropriate temperatures developed jointly by the three companies has obtained Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) prequalification for quality of medical devices and equipment as set by the World Health Organization ("WHO"). The company registered for the prequalification is Toyota Tsusho and this is the first refrigerated vehicle for vaccines in the world that has obtained PQS prequalification.