Collaboration with Leading MaaS Providers

Partnership with Grab
Provision of Total Care Services

Grab: Total Care Service

In December 2018, Toyota and Toyota dealers began providing total care services for ride-sharing vehicles in partnership with Grab Holdings, Inc., one of the largest ride-sharing companies in Southeast Asia. These services include insurance and maintenance linked to driving data from connected rental cars that Grab rents out to its drivers. Toyota and Grab are expanding this service to all Grab vehicles in Southeast Asia while at the same time increasing the ratio of Toyota vehicles used by Grab to 80% in the region.

Partnership with Uber
Development of Automated Driving Technologies for Ride-Sharing Services

In April 2019, Toyota, along with DENSO Corporation, opened a collaboration center with Uber Technologies Inc.'s Advanced Technologies Group (Uber ATG) to advance the development and commercialization of cars equipped with automated driving technologies for ride-sharing services. Under this partnership, the companies aim to develop and mass produce automated driving systems (ADSs) for vehicles while standardizing the vehicle interfaces required for automated driving, with the aim of bringing to market ride-sharing services that fully utilize automated driving technologies.

Partnership with DiDi
Establishment of Ride-Sharing Vehicle Rental Business

Toyota and Didi Chuxing Technology Co., one of the largest ride-sharing companies in China, established a joint venture in September 2019 to launch a car rental operation for DiDi drivers. These rental cars will receive the same total care services for ride-sharing vehicles that Toyota provides for Grab. The two companies are also looking into rolling out BEVs for MaaS that would dovetail with mobility services in China.

MONET's Business Development
Solving Mobility Problems in Society

MONET: Pilot Testing

MONET Technologies Corporation was established by Toyota and SoftBank Corporation in October 2018 to focus on solving mobility problems in Japan, such as traffic congestion in cities or elderly access to transportation in underpopulated areas. MONET Technologies has begun coordination with 25 local governments across Japan to provide next-generation on-demand mobility services. In addition, we created the MONET consortium with 400 member companies. Trials of on-demand bus services are already under way in the cities of Yokohama, Toyota, and Fukuyama as is an on-demand commuter shuttle in the Marunouchi district of Tokyo.

MaaS with Toyota and Toyota Dealers Taking the Lead

Toyota Share and Chokunori!

In October 2019, Toyota dealers and Toyota car rental and leasing branches in Japan began to offer Toyota Share car-sharing services and Chokunori! unmanned rent-a-car services. These services feature Smart Key Box (SKB), which lets users unlock vehicles with their smartphones, and TransLog, a communications- linked driving recorder. With only a smartphone, a customer can sign up, unlock a car, return the car, and settle their account.

Servco Pacific Inc., a Toyota distributor in Hawaii, rolled out its Hui unmanned car rental service in July 2018, becoming a model for developing MaaS for Toyota distributors in other countries.