Keiji Yamamoto, Operating Officer Keiji Yamamoto, Operating Officer
Keiji Yamamoto
Operating Officer
As of July 1, 2019
  • President, Connected Company
Date of birth
March 28, 1961
Home country
Bachelor's degree in physics, Shimane University, 1983
May 1987
Joined Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)
Jan. 2005
General Manager, Strategic Planning & Administration Department, Electronics Engineering Division 1
Apr. 2007
General Manager, Electronics Engineering Division 1
Jan. 2008
Seconded to Toyota Info Technology Center Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2011
Project General Manager, Electronics Engineering Field, TMC
Jan. 2012
General Manager, Electronics Development Division 1
Apr. 2016
Executive General Manager
Apr. 2016
Chief Officer, Connected Company
Apr. 2017
Managing Officer
Apr. 2017
Executive Vice President, Connected Company
Jul. 2019
Operating Officer
Jul. 2019
President, Connected Company
Key non-TMC posts
Director, KDDI Corporation (June 2019-)