Takeshi Kawamoto
Takeshi Kawamoto

Takeshi Kawamoto

Sports (Disciplines / Events)
Aquatics (Swimming / Butterfly)
Date of Birth
Toyota Motor Corporation
Main Achievements
FINA Swimming World Cup 2018 Tokyo
100m Butterfly #1
The 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)
100m Butterfly #6
Personal Best
100m Butterfly 49:60 (25m / Japan record)
I'll give courage and power to everyone by my races. Thank you for your support.
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TAKESHI KAWAMOTO: "Do your best, not just for yourself but for the joy of those who support you"

Do your best, not just for yourself but for the joy of those who support you

There were already signals of the onset of a hot, tropical summer in Singapore. It was here at the mouth of the Singapore River, which twists its way through the urban landscape, where Singapore's most-iconic Merlion statue graces the waterfront, while the popular Marina Bay Sands resort is situated nearby, the combination of which created picture postcard views of this Asian city-state. While many people travel to Singapore for business or vacation, Takeshi Kawamoto ventured here to hone his "warrior" skills.

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JOSEPH SCHOOLING & TAKESHI KAWAMOTO:"You can learn from your rivals"

You can learn from your rivals

Since returning to Singapore, Joseph Schooling has been training on a daily basis with other swimmers, including overseas swimmers. Today, one of those other swimmers is Takeshi Kawamoto, another Global Toyota Team Athlete (GTTA). Like Joseph, Takeshi is best known for the butterfly stroke.

He jointly holds the Japan record for the 50 meter and 100 butterfly in Japan. He also came in first for the 100m butterfly in the Japan Swimming Championship 2018.

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