Apr. 17, 2016

Statement Regarding Vehicle Production in Japan Following Earthquakes in Kyushu


Toyota City, Japan, April 17, 2016―Due to parts shortages resulting from the severe earthquakes that struck Japan's island of Kyushu on April 14 and after, Toyota will suspend production on its vehicle assembly lines in stages between April 18 and 23.

Decisions regarding recommencement of operation at plants in Japan will be made on the basis of availability of parts.

We will continue to make all possible efforts to offer support to the residents of Kyushu, and hope for the soonest possible recovery of the affected areas.

Tentative Schedule for Suspension of Operations on Vehicle Assembly Lines
Suspension of operation Operated by
Toyota Motor Corporation
Operated by
Toyota Group companies
April 18 (first shift)―April 23  
Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.
Miyata Plant (lines 1 and 2)
April 19 (first shift)―April 23 Takaoka Plant (lines 1 and 2), Tsutsumi Plant (lines 1 and 2), Tahara Plant (line 1), Motomachi Plant (LFA Works)
Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.
Inabe Plant (lines 1 and 2), Fujimatsu Plant (line 1), and Yoshiwara Plant (lines 1 and 2)
Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.
Higashi Fuji Plant
Toyota Industries Corporation (301, 302)
April 19 (second shift)―April 23  
Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd.
Fujimatsu Plant (line 2)
Gifu Auto Body Co., Ltd.
Hino Motors, Ltd.
Hamura Plant (line 1)
April 20 (first shift)―April 23 Motomachi Plant (line 1), Tahara Plant (line 3)
Hino Motors, Ltd.
Hamura Plant (line 2)
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Kyoto Plant
April 22 (first shift)―April 23  
Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc.
Iwate Plant (lines 1 and 2), Miyagi Ohira Plant