May. 25, 2016

Update on Toyota's Production in Japan between May 30 and June 4


Toyota City, Japan, May 25, 2016―From May 30 through June 4, Toyota will continue production on all vehicle assembly lines in Japan.

Decisions regarding production after June 4 will continue to be based on a thorough assessment of the parts supply situation.

For reference: Due to parts shortages resulting from the severe earthquakes that struck Japan's island of Kyushu last month, Toyota suspended production on its vehicle assembly lines in the country in stages between April 15 and 23. Production was subsequently restarted in stages from April 25 through 28. Following a scheduled holiday period, all remaining vehicle assembly lines have been operational since May 6, and are scheduled to remain so through June 4.

We will continue to make all possible efforts to offer support to the residents of Kumamoto, and hope for the earliest possible recovery of the affected areas.