Jun. 02, 2016

Toyota to Restart Production on All Vehicle Assembly Lines from June 2


Toyota City, Japan, June 2, 2016―Due to parts shortages resulting from the severe earthquakes that struck Japan's island of Kyushu on April 14 and after, Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has continued to make updated announcements regarding decisions about production while continuously monitoring our parts supply situation.

Thanks to the efforts of various parties involved in achieving recovery, Toyota is now able to confirm the stable status of our parts supply. All vehicle assembly lines will recommence after June 6.

As such, Toyota would thus like to announce that production decision notifications relating to this incident will cease from hereon.

Furthermore, the explosion which occurred at Advics Co. Ltd's Kariya Plant in Aichi prefecture on May 30 led to suspension of production on some lines between May 31 and June 1 due to parts supply shortages. We are glad to announce that all operations suspended in relation to this incident are to recommence on June 2.

Toyota will continue to make all available efforts to offer support to the residents of Kumamoto, and we hope for the recovery of the affected areas as soon as possible.