Oct. 13, 2016

Toyota Motor Corporation
Komeda Co., Ltd.
KDDI Corporation

Status Report on the Driving Barista Application Project Which Aims to Prevent Smartphone-Related Traffic Accidents


Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), Komeda Co., Ltd. (Komeda), and KDDI Corporation (KDDI) have been running a project that utilizes a smartphone application called Driving Barista. The project aims to to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Aichi Prefecture which are caused by drivers using their smartphones while driving. During the 17 days between September 20 to October 61, the application was downloaded about 37,000 times and was used to record about 2.6 million km of distance driven. This means that a cumulative distance equivalent to about 65 trips around the earth, or about 7 round trips from the earth to the moon had been driven safely by drivers while refraining from using their smartphones. The project gave those who actually used the application in a fun way to increase their level of awareness about reducing traffic accidents, and has helped many people inside and outside of Aichi Prefecture understand the importance of preventing smartphone-related traffic accidents.

Driving Barista
Number of times the application had been downloaded
about 37,000 times
Cumulative total distance driven
about 2.6 million km

Coffee coupons issued in exchange for the accumulated distance driven can be redeemed at Komeda Coffee Shops2 across Aichi Prefecture through October 31. A final report that will include the number of coffee coupons redeemed will be issued in early November.

Toyota, KDDI, and Komeda will continue to actively engage in new initiatives that are targeted toward solving social issues.

Project duration
Application download period
Starting September 20, 2016
Application usage period
From September 20, 2016 to October 6, 2016
Coffee coupon redemption period
From September 20, 2016 to October 31, 2016
Please refer to the following link for more information on the project

1The project duration differed for some models.

2Coupons may not be redeemable at some store locations. Participating store locations are indicated in the app.