Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio Toyoda shares his vision following the launch of the company's hydrogen-powered fuel cell sedan, the Mirai.


Speaking about the importance of environment-friendly vehicles, President Toyoda stresses the need to consider the impact we will have on the planet and the lives of future generations which inspired Toyota's development of hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.

President Toyoda describes his two main goals for the Mirai, the first of which is to for the vehicle to reflect its name, which means future. Secondly, he believes that environment-friendly cars can also be fun to drive.

President Toyoda explores the unique challenges that come with a hydrogen society. After 20 years of research and development, and with a product ready for the market, infrastructure is now the main challenge.

President Toyoda expresses his hopes that the Mirai will offer current owners of conventional gasoline-engined vehicles a familiar driving experience, with the Mirai's long driving range and minimal refueling time.