Challenge 3: Zero CO2 Emissions at Plants

Basic Policy

The Zero CO2 Emissions at Plants Challenge seeks zero emissions in the vehicle manufacturing process. To achieve this, Toyota is introducing innovative technologies, conducting daily kaizen, harnessing renewable energy, and utilizing hydrogen. The streamlining of manufacturing processes has contributed to improvements in energy efficiency, equipment optimization, and the optimal use of waste heat. We use every possible means to reduce emissions, including the implementation of an innovative process called karakuri that does not rely on energy sources.

We are committed to the effective use of renewable energies such as solar power, wind power, and hydrogen.

Reducing CO2 Emissions in Production

Introduction of Innovative Technologies and Daily Kaizen

We have been developing and introducing low-CO2 production technologies in our production activities along with implementing improvement measures to meet our reduction targets.

In FY2018, we reduced total CO2 emissions to 1.14 million tons (down 1.4 percent year-on-year), and CO2 emissions per unit produced to 0.394 tons (down 1.1 percent year-on-year).

Trends in Global Total CO2 Emissions (from Energy Consumption at Stationary Emission Sources) and CO2 Emissions per Unit Produced

Information on the scope of coverage can be found here (Environmental Data R)

Information on conversion factors can be found here (Environmental Data W)

Major Initiatives During FY2018

  • In an effort to eliminate the use of steam at TMC Head Office, various changes were made, including installing equipment that does not use steam and high-efficiency compact boilers, and taking the drive force boiler offline.
  • At TKM, an affiliate based in India, energy usage was cut by controlling temperature and humidity at painting booths.

Introducing Renewable Energy and Utilizing Hydrogen

Toyota promotes the introduction of renewable energy, taking into consideration the unique characteristics of each country and region. When introducing renewable energy, we place the highest priority on in-house generating facilities (such as solar power generation) and in-house consumption at Toyota plants and other facilities.

In FY2018, we generated 17,578 MWh of renewable energy globally.

Installation of a Wind Power Generator at Tahara Plant

We are pushing forward with plans to install a wind power generator at the Tahara Plant by around 2020 with the aim of using wind power produced on-site.

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