We have announced the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program 2020 recipients.

We received a large number of applications from environmental NPOs and other organizations in Japan and overseas during the application period. After strict screening by selection committee members (chaired by Dr. Keiko Nakamura, Honorary Director General, JT Biohistory Research Hall), which consists of experts from Japan and Toyota Motor Corporation employees, we selected 27 projects as grant recipients: 10 projects overseas, 10 projects in Japan and 7 small projects in Japan.

Information associated with the committee's decisions cannot be disclosed. Submitted application documents are non-returnable. Please be advised that the application and/or accompanying materials of selected projects may be disclosed to the public.

Selection Process

Selection Process

Program Goals and Outline

With a view to achieving the creation of a prosperous society, and to contribute to the sustainable development of such a society, Toyota adopts a set of principles for philanthropic activities where it joins forces with a broad segment of society, uses its resources effectively, and engages in philanthropic activities that will contribute to solving societal issues while promoting the development of human resources who will lead the next generation, in line with local conditions in each country and region.

The grant program, based on the above principles, offers support for projects committed to capacity building for next-generation environmental conservation, and for projects that seek to cultivate solutions to environmental issues collaboratively with NPOs and other private non-profit organizations.

Scope of Grant Projects

Toyota believes that monozukuri is about developing people, and as such, supports the activities of private non-profit organizations that aim to promote projects that foster individuals seeking solutions for environmental issues and to contribute to practical problem-solving on those issues.


"Biodiversity" and "Climate change"

Grant Conditions

  • Private non-profit organizations are eligible for the grant.
  • Non-profit organizations (NPOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), charitable organizations, and officially unregistered voluntary organizations or groups are also encouraged to apply.
  • For-profit organizations, national, regional, and municipal government agencies, schools (including kindergarten through university), and international organizations (established by intergovernmental national agreements) are NOT eligible for this grant.


  • Projects Overseas

    We provide grants to projects conducted solely by Japan-based groups or projects that collaborate with Japan-based groups and overseas-based groups.

    Activities conducted solely by overseas-based groups are not eligible for this grant.

    However, activities conducted in collaboration with overseas-based groups and overseas affiliates of Toyota Motor Corporation are eligible for this grant.

  • Projects in Japan

    We provide grants to Japan-based, community-based projects that undertake environmental conservation activities.

  • Small Projects in Japan

    We provide grants to community-based projects that undertake environmental conservation activities conducted by Japan-based groups that have never received our grant funding in this program.

Download application package

Document Format Language
Information for Applicants PDF Japanese
Application Form Projects Overseas Application form Excel
Projects in Japan Application form Excel
Small Projects in Japan Application form Excel
Agreement Form (draft for the next fiscal year) PDF
Guidelines for Indication of Grant Program PDF

Pamphlet describing the Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program

Contact Information

Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program Secretariat

The above e-mail address provided is only for grant program-related inquiries.