Supported projects under development in various regions of the world.

Example of Project Overseas


Future Creation Project Through Local Knowledge and Traditional Knowledge of the Karen Tribe

Conference of Earth Environment from Akita is working on conserving the ecosystem services in the very biologically diverse Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex (KKFC) in Thailand, as well as on building an effective and balanced resource management system.

The goal of this project is to create villages in which people's livelihood and nature conservation can coexist by utilizing the inherited local knowledge and traditions of the Karen tribe living in KKFC that contribute to sustainable utilization of natural and cultural resources. Specific initiatives included supporting introduction of sustainable organic farming, and developing teaching materials for building a sustainable community, targeted at elementary and junior high school students. Furthermore, since many similar issues are found throughout Asia, the project is also taking actions to spread the initiative to other regions, for example, holding workshops that cover a wide area in order to develop the human resources necessary for continuing activities and build consensus.

The project has helped people deepen their understanding about the value of natural resources and continue to autonomously manage the systems that have been built.

Hand weaving, representing the Karen tribe's traditional culture
Hand weaving, representing the Karen tribe's traditional culture

Example of Project in Japan

Nature-based Solutions by Urban Green Infrastructure

The Toshima Green Infrastructure Network (TGIN), based in Toyoshima Ward, is seeking ideal forms of urban green infrastructures1 that address issues presented in local communities, and then promotes and implements such infrastructures. Green infrastructures are being implemented in collaboration with local store associations, local residents, local governments, NPOs, and Taisho University students.

For example, TGIN has created a rooftop farm and a rain garden at the Taisho University Nishisugamo campus, where TGIN is based, and is searching for ways to use green infrastructures to solve various societal challenges, such as the heat and heavy rain caused by climate change, earthquakes that directly hit the capital, and biodiversity loss.

Additionally, TGIN is communicating ideal forms of urban green infrastructures to society at large. It is trying to increase the scale of its activities through collaboration with initiatives in other regions inside and outside Japan, as well as mutual learning.

1 Urban green infrastructure is an initiative that promotes wise utilization of nature's functions within urban areas in order to promote sustainable communities, such as growing a variety of crops in rooftop farms at Taisho University (The Gamall Farm) and having children in the neighboring communities come on a tour or experience harvesting
Harvesting sweet potatoes at a rooftop farm with children from the neighboring communities
Harvesting sweet potatoes at a rooftop farm with children from the neighboring communities

Toyota Environmental Activities Grant Program 2019 Recipients

Project Overseas

Theme Project Description Organization Country
Biodiversity "Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex: Future Creation Project Through Local Knowledge and Traditional Knowledge" for Sustainable Environmental Innovation Conference of Earth Environment from Akita Thailand
Orangutan Conservation Activity in Collaboration with the Government and Residents in East Kalimantan, Indonesia Japan International Forestry Promotion and Cooperation Center Indonesia
Environmental Conservation Activity Through the Production Support of Organic Fertilizers from Palm Oil Waste and the Agricultural Education for Farmers to Receive the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certification in Indonesia Kopernik Japan Indonesia
Practical Environmental Education Project in Collaboration with Children, Women, and the Government in a Rural Village in Bodh Gaya, India Nippon International Cooperation for Community Development India
Star Anise Peace Project
-Widespread Adoption of Agroforestry with a Focus on Star Anise in the Ethnic Minority Regions in Myanmar-
Barefoot Doctors Group Myanmar
Sustainable Management of the Mangrove Forest in Uto Village, Myanmar, as well as Share Their Experiences to Nearby Villages and Conduct Environmental Awareness Activities for Young Generations Ramsar Center Japan Myanmar
Patagonian ProgrammeRestoring Habitats for Endemic Wildlife Conservation Aves Argentinas Argentina
Climate Change Beautiful Forest Creation Activity at the Preah Vihear Eco-village Zone, a World Heritage Site in Cambodia Pride of Asia: Preah Vihear Association Japan Cambodia
Desert Greening Project Through Saxaul Tree-planting and Cistanche Cultivation in Uzbekistan OISCA Japan Uzbekistan
Soil Conservation and Resilience Support Project: Build Resilience Through Land Slide Mitigation and Forest Restoration by Farmers and Elementary School Students in Bududa Community Road Empowerment (CORE) Uganda
Support and Awareness Activity for the Sustainability of the Local Resident's Life by Planting in Bam, Burkina Faso Action for Greening Sahel Burkina Faso

Project In Japan

Theme Project Description Organization Country
Biodiversity Reintroduction Activity of Stork, a Special National Treasure, in Shikoku Tokushima Stork Fund Japan
Biodiversity Education Support Project Through the Tree Survey, Name Tag Creation, and Observation Activity at the City Park Suita Environment Learning association for the Future
Creation of Acorn Forests at Water Resources, Morikoro Park, and the Disaster Area of 3.11 Earthquake by Donguri Walkers Donguri-mongori
Environmental Education Program Expansion Project
-Use Regional Issues such as Marine Wastes and Vacant Houses as an Educational Resource!-
Network for Proud Hometown
Regeneration of Japanese Giant Salamander Habitats by Improving the River Environment of the Satoyama2 Watersides Which Connects to the Clear Stream Society of Maniwa Heritage
Yatoda Regeneration Activity to Resume the Breeding of Grey-faced Buzzard in Miura Peninsula Miura Peninsula Biodiversity Conservation Network
Activity for Marine Plastic Waste Issues: Marine Waste Survey Through the Whole Area of the Seto Inland Sea and Clean-up of the Uninhabited Sashima Island E.C. Ocean's
Climate Change Reduce CO2 Emissions by Producing and Consuming Energy Locally and Raise Children Who can Rise Above the Difficulty of Disasters Japan Environment Association
Where are the Snow Monkeys?
-Survey the Expanding Habitat of Snow Monkeys in Sasagamine, Myoko-
Japan Monkey Centre
Hillside arable land

Small Project in Japan

Theme Project Description Organization Country
Biodiversity Conserve the Orb-weaver Spiders and Widely Spread the Traditional Spider Fighting Contest to the Future Generations Kajiki Spider Fighting Preservation Society of Aira Japan
Activity to Learn and Understand the Nature Diversity and Varied Environment of the Satoyama Assist Pall Oita
Participatory Environmental Conservation Activity Through Creation and Assessment of Communication Tool based on a Fusion of Environmental Education and Outdoors The Committee for the Promotion of Awaji Long Trail Association
Conserve the Breeding Environment of Rare Species and Satoyama Creation in Sakura Park Nagano Environment Partnership Conference
Aim Reintroduction of Itasenpara Bitterling in Kizu River Society of Yamashiro Satoyama
The Next Generation Human Resource Development Project Through Forest Conservation and Utilization of Lumber in Minami Town, Tokushima TOKUSHIMA Okara Workshop