Basic Policy

The Guiding Principles at Toyota state that Toyota shall "honor the language and spirit of the law of every country and region, and undertake open and fair business activities to be a strong corporate citizen of the world." Toyota believes that adhering to this principle helps to fulfill our duties in corporate social responsibility and ensure compliance. In accordance with basic internal control policies, Toyota promotes creating a framework to adopt and enforce the Code of Conduct as well as other means of human resource development, including training. Toyota has also established consultation hotlines; any concerns that are reported are carefully addressed to ensure that no potential problem is missed.

The Toyota Code of Conduct (adopted in 1998 and revised in March 2006) outlines the basic mindset that all members of Toyota are expected to adopt to fulfil our social duties. It also shows concrete guidelines for the Guiding Principles at Toyota. A booklet containing the Toyota Code of Conduct is distributed to all employees to put the code into practice at work and in the community.

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Anti-bribery Measures

Toyota adopted the Anti-bribery Guidelines in 2012 to completely eliminate corruption within our operations, against the backdrop of the global expansion of our business and increasing social requirements. Toyota is strengthening its preventive measures and working to prevent corruption by raising awareness through internal training and engaging business partners.

Anti-bribery Guidelines (For Business Partners)