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EXECUTIVES (Jan. 01, 2017)

Current Executives

Chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Takeshi Uchiyamada
    Takeshi Uchiyamada

President, Member of the Board of Directors

  • Akio Toyoda
    Akio Toyoda

Executive Vice President, Member of the Board of Directors

  • Mitsuhisa Kato
    Mitsuhisa Kato
  • Takahiko Ijichi
    Takahiko Ijichi
  • Didier Leroy
    Didier Leroy
  • Shigeki Terashi
    Shigeki Terashi

Member of the Board of Directors

  • Nobuyori Kodaira
    Nobuyori Kodaira
  • Shigeru Hayakawa
    Shigeru Hayakawa
  • Ikuo Uno
    Ikuo Uno
  • Haruhiko Kato
    Haruhiko Kato
  • Mark T. Hogan
    Mark T. Hogan

Audit & Supervisory Board Members

  • Masaki Nakatsugawa
    Masaki Nakatsugawa
  • Masahiro Kato
    Masahiro Kato
  • Yoshiyuki Kagawa
    Yoshiyuki Kagawa
  • Yoko Wake
    Yoko Wake
  • Teisuke Kitayama
    Teisuke Kitayama
  • Hiroshi Ozu
    Hiroshi Ozu

Senior Managing Officers

  • Hirofumi Muta
    Hirofumi Muta
  • Shigeru Hayakawa
    Shigeru Hayakawa*
  • Keiji Masui
    Keiji Masui
  • Hiroji Onishi
    Hiroji Onishi
  • Koei Saga
    Koei Saga
  • Tokuo Fukuichi
    Tokuo Fukuichi
  • Kiyotaka Ise
    Kiyotaka Ise
  • James E. Lentz
    James E. Lentz
  • Soichiro Okudaira
    Soichiro Okudaira
  • Moritaka Yoshida
    Moritaka Yoshida
  • Mitsuru Kawai
    Mitsuru Kawai
  • Kazuhiro Miyauchi
    Kazuhiro Miyauchi
  • Toshiyuki Mizushima
    Toshiyuki Mizushima
  • Osamu Nagata
    Osamu Nagata
  • Shigeki Tomoyama
    Shigeki Tomoyama
  • Steve St. Angelo
    Steve St. Angelo

Managing Officers

  • Johan van Zyl
    Johan van Zyl
  • Kazuhiro Kobayashi
    Kazuhiro Kobayashi
  • Kazuo Ohara
    Kazuo Ohara
  • Riki Inuzuka
    Riki Inuzuka
  • Shinji Kitada
    Shinji Kitada
  • Masahisa Nagata
    Masahisa Nagata
  • Hayato Shibakawa
    Hayato Shibakawa
  • Shinya Kotera
    Shinya Kotera
  • Tetsuya Otake
    Tetsuya Otake
  • Kazuhiro Sato
    Kazuhiro Sato
  • Tatsuro Takami
    Tatsuro Takami
  • Kyoichi Tanada
    Kyoichi Tanada
  • Tatsuro Ueda
    Tatsuro Ueda
  • Hiroyuki Fukui
    Hiroyuki Fukui
  • Hiroki Nakajima
    Hiroki Nakajima
  • Yasuhiko Sato
    Yasuhiko Sato
  • Yoshihiro Sawa
    Yoshihiro Sawa
  • Yoshio Shimo
    Yoshio Shimo
  • Takashi Yamamoto
    Takashi Yamamoto
  • Karl Schlicht
    Karl Schlicht
  • Koki Konishi
    Koki Konishi
  • Masayoshi Shirayanagi
    Masayoshi Shirayanagi
  • Mark S. Templin
    Mark S. Templin
  • Takeshi Isogaya
    Takeshi Isogaya
  • Jiro Kawamoto
    Jiro Kawamoto
  • Hirohisa Kishi
    Hirohisa Kishi
  • Yuji Maki
    Yuji Maki
  • Yoichi Miyazaki
    Yoichi Miyazaki
  • Tetsuo Ogawa
    Tetsuo Ogawa
  • Hiroaki Okuchi
    Hiroaki Okuchi
  • Christopher P. Reynolds
    Christopher P. Reynolds
  • Shuichi Murakami
    Shuichi Murakami
  • Hiroaki Nanahara
    Hiroaki Nanahara
*Also holds the position of director