Aug. 25, 2004

Toyota’s IMV Project Takes First Big Step Forward

Global Optimal Production & Supply Network Starts With Pickup in Thailand


Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) took its first major step toward realizing the global optimal production and supply network it announced as the IMV Project in 2002 by launching sales today of a new-type pickup truck in Thailand.
The new pickup, called the Hilux VIGO, is the first of five newly developed IMV Project models designed for sale in more than 140 countries and to meet 21st century customer demands for high levels of durability and comfort. The completely new full lineup is to consist of three pickup trucks of different body types, a minivan and an SUV, collectively known as IMVs (Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicles).

The IMV Project represents an unprecedented approach under a “Made by Toyota Ebanner that draws fully on the resources and potential of outside-Japan global production and supply bases for both vehicles and components. It is also remarkable for fact that production will start almost at the same time at its four main production bases of Thailand , Indonesia , Argentina and South Africa , which will supply vehicles to countries in Asia , Europe , Africa , Oceania , Latin America and the Middle East . This includes the production of such major components as diesel engines in Thailand , gasoline engines in Indonesia and manual transmissions in India and their supply to the countries charged with vehicle production.

The globalization of TMC's business activities was initially centered on producing in Japan and exporting abroad. This was gradually followed by efforts to build where sold. But as free trade agreements become more common in various parts of the world, TMC, by establishing production and supply structures made more efficient by their global scale, aims to be able to offer more-attractive and more-affordable products to its customers worldwide and at the same time.

Following Thailand , production of IMV series vehicles will be progressively introduced in Indonesia , Argentina and South Africa and worldwide IMV production including that in countries other than the four main production bases is expected to exceed 500,000 units in 2006, allowing Toyota to contribute further to the development of the automotive industry and economy of each country involved.

Main IMV Production Bases
Country Affiliate Production vehicle Start of production Annual Production Export
Thailand TMT Pickup truck
(Hilux VIGO )
August 2004 280,000 units
(Including 140,000 units for export)
Europe , Asia ,
Oceania , etc
Sport utility vehicle 2005 The Middle
Indonesia TMMIN Minivan September 2004 80,000 units
(Including 10,000 units for export)
Asia , the
Middle East
South Africa TSAM Pickup truck 2005 60,000 units
(Including 30,000 units for export)
Europe ,
Africa , etc.
Sport utility vehicle 2005
Argentina TASA Pickup truck 2005 60,000 units
(Including 45,000 units for export)
Latin America
Sport utility vehicle 2005
* Worldwide IMV production including in countries other than the above four is expected to exceed 500,000 units in 2006

TMT: Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd.
TMMIN: PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia
TSAM: Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty.) Ltd.
TASA: Toyota Argentina S.A.