Nov. 09, 2005

Toyota Officially Registers First Hybrid Vehicles in China


Tokyo ― TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that it officially registered the first hybrid vehicles in China, under the country's national hybrid vehicle certification system, which came into effect October 1.

In June 2004, the Chinese government announced the Automobile Industry Development Policy 2004, which is designed to encourage the introduction of vehicles that contribute to reducing environmental impact. After looking into various ways of actively complying with the policy, TMC decided to export 30 units of its hybrid Prius model produced in Japan to China, and made arrangements with the relevant organizations. The 30 units, which are now in the possession of TMC affiliates in China, are planned for use in motor shows, test drives and various other events and public relations activities designed to create widespread interest in hybrids among Chinese consumers.

Over 400,000 units of the Prius have already been sold in markets such as Japan and Europe, as well as the United States, where the vehicle has garnered a strong reputation. Of the 30 units exported to China, 27 were officially registered in Beijing on October 31, and registration of the remaining three is underway in other cities.

TMC has already decided to manufacture the Prius at the Changchun Plant (Jilin Province) operated by Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which is a joint vehicle production company established by TMC and China FAW Group Corporation. Information such as specifications, pricing and production volume will be announced separately, and production is scheduled to begin before the end of the year.