Apr. 25, 2005

Toyota Unveils IMV Series Hilux Pickup in South Africa


Tokyo ― TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd. (TSAM) unveiled a new Hilux pickup truck at its plant in Durban, South Africa. The truck is one of five newly developed vehicles within the IMV (Innovative International Multipurpose Vehicle) Project currently being promoted by TMC.

IMV Production in South Africa began on April 14, making South Africa the seventh IMV production base after Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Malaysia and Argentina, consecutively.

By the year's end, TSAM also plans to produce an IMV series SUV, and during 2007, TSAM's total production capacity for the two IMV models will be 120,000 units per year. Approximately 2.4 billion rand (roughly 27 billion yen at 1 rand = 11 yen) will be invested in conjunction with the production of IMV series vehicles in South Africa. TSAM is also hiring approximately 800 new employees.

TMC has positioned TSAM as its supply base for pickup trucks and SUVs for the European and African markets. The TSAM-produced Hilux is primarily destined for Europe and other African countries, however, exports to more than 70 countries and regions around the world are planned. The Hilux is scheduled to go on sale in South Africa on May 10.

Roughly 150 people were in attendance at the Hilux unveiling at TSAM's Durban plant, including suppliers and dealer staff. TMC Senior Managing Director Akio Toyoda commented during his address, "In this country, Toyota South Africa and the company's suppliers have created a vehicle that is truly competitive in the global marketplace. Together, they have tackled dramatic cost reductions, while attaining world-class quality".

Outline of Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd. (TSAM)
Company name Toyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd. (TSAM)
President Johan J. van Zyl
Date established September 1961
Location City of Durban, Republic of South Africa
Start of production June 1962
Production models Hilux (IMV model series) and Corolla, Hiace, Dyna, engines, catalysts, etc.
Production capacity Corolla and others: 80,000 units/year (during 2007)
Hilux and SUVs (IMV model series): 120,000 units/year (during 2007)
Capitalization Approx. 600 million rand
Equity participation Toyota South Africa Ltd. (TSA): 100% (TSA capital structure: TMC, 75% and WESCO, 25%)
No. of employees Approx. 8,000