May. 23, 2007

Toyota Unveils Flexible-fuel Corolla Models for Brazil


Tokyo ― TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that Toyota do Brasil Ltda. (TDB) plans to begin selling on May 25 the 100% bioethanol-compatible Corolla Flex and Corolla Fielder Flex, two new locally produced models. TDB, which is TMC's sales and manufacturing subsidiary in Brazil, unveiled the flexible-fuel vehicles* at a press event in Guarujá, Brazil on May 22, local time (May 23 in Japan).

The Corolla Flex and Corolla Fielder Flex―through changes in the fuel system and engine specifications―achieve engine performance that surpasses that of the currently available 1.8-liter gasoline engine Corolla and Corolla Fielder on which they are based.

Although all Toyota vehicles made around the world today can run reliably on gasoline mixed 10% with bioethanol, the Corolla Flex and Corolla Fielder Flex are the first marketed Toyota models that can run on 100% bioethanol.

Toyota is committed to developing environmental technologies and introducing environmentally considerate vehicles that are suited to the infrastructure of each region and meet the needs of its customers, based on the concept of providing "the right vehicle for the right place at the right time". The flexible-fuel Corollas Toyota is introducing in Brazil represent Toyota's response to customer demand in Brazil, where bioethanol is a widely used fuel and where flexible-fuel vehicles are becoming mainstream.

Sales & Manufacturing Outline
Monthly sales targets Corolla Flex: 2,500 units
Corolla Fielder Flex: 750 units
Manufacturer's suggested retail prices R$56,565 (Corolla XL-I M/T) – R$83,712 (Corolla Fielder SE-G A/T)
Assembly Plant Indaiatuba Plant, TDB
*A vehicle capable of running on fuels that consist of any percentage of ethanol mixed with gasoline or ethanol alone.