Jun. 07, 2007

Toyota Worldwide Hybrid Sales Top 1 Million Units


Tokyo ― TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that global cumulative sales of Toyota hybrid vehicles have topped the 1 million mark, with approximately 1,047,000 units sold worldwide as of May 31, 20071.

Toyota launched the Prius―the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle―in Japan in 1997 and began selling it in North America, Europe and elsewhere in 2000.

The second-generation Prius, equipped with the Toyota Hybrid System II, was introduced in 2003 with an emphasis on delivering both environmental performance and power.  Over time, Toyota has expanded the use of its hybrid system to minivans, SUVs, rear-wheel-drive sedans and other vehicles.  Hybrid vehicles have been enjoying good sales both in Japan and in over 40 countries and regions around the world, particularly North America.

Toyota began overseas production of hybrid vehicles in Changchun, China in 2005 and in Kentucky in the United States in 2006.

Toyota has calculated that as of April 30, 2007, worldwide sales of its hybrid vehicles2 since 1997 have greatly contributed to reductions in CO2 emissions, which are considered a cause of global warming, by producing approximately 3.5 million fewer tons3 of CO2 compared with the same class gasoline-powered vehicles of similar size and driving performance.

Toyota has positioned environmental responses as a priority management issue, and as such has made a concerted effort to popularize hybrid systems.  It will actively continue to find ways to utilize the system's high degree of applicability to double its hybrid lineup and will aim to achieve annual sales of 1 million units in the early part of the 2010s.

1. Based on TMC data
2. Excluding the Coaster Hybrid EV, Dyna Hybrid, Toyoace Hybrid and Quick Delivery 200
3. Number of registered vehicles distance traveled fuel costs (test cycle for each country) CO2 conversion factor
Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Sales (including Lexus; based on TMC data) (Unit = 1,000 vehicles)
  1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
Japan 0.3 17.7 15.3 12.5 18.5 20.0
Overseas - - - 6.5 18.5 21.4
Total 0.3 17.7 15.3 19.0 36.9 41.3
2003 2004 2005 2006 Jan. – May
27.2 68.7 58.5 72.4 33.5 344.6
26.1 66.0 176.4 240.1 147.5 702.4
53.3 134.7 234.9 312.5 181.0 1,047.0
Cumulative Sales of Main Toyota Hybrid Passenger Vehicles (including Lexus; based on TMC data)
(Unit = 1,000 vehicles)
  Prius Estima Hybrid Alphard Hybrid Harrier Hybrid (RX400h) Kluger Hybrid (Highlander Hybrid) GS450h Camry Hybrid LS600h / LS600hL
Japan 256.5 41.4 21.0 12.3 3.4 2.7 - 0.5
Overseas 501.1 - - 73.0 63.6 6.5 58.3 -
Total 757.6 41.4 21.0 85.2 67.0 9.3 58.3 0.5
Toyota Hybrid Vehicle Chronology (including Lexus)
Year Month Milestones
1997 Mar. Unveiling of the Toyota Hybrid System (THS)
  Aug. Coaster Hybrid EV launched (Japan only)
  Dec. Prius launched
2000 Nov. Cumulative Prius sales top 50,000 vehicles
2001 Jun. Estima Hybrid launched (Japan only)
  Aug. Crown Mild Hybrid launched (Japan only)
2002 Mar. Cumulative hybrid vehicle sales top 100,000 mark
  Aug. Cumulative Prius sales top 100,000 vehicles
2003 Apr. Unveiling of the Toyota Hybrid System II (THSII)
  Jul. Alphard Hybrid launched (Japan only)
  Sep. Prius completely redesigned
  Nov. Dyna Hybrid and Toyoace Hybrid launched (Japan only)
2005 Mar. Harrier Hybrid (RX400h) and Kluger Hybrid (Highlander Hybrid) launched in Japan
  Oct. Cumulative hybrid vehicle sales top 500,000 mark
  Dec. Prius production commenced at Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. in China
2006 Mar. GS450h launched in Japan
  Apr. Cumulative Prius sales top 500,000 vehicles
  May Camry Hybrid launched (excluding Japan)
  Jun. Estima Hybrid completely redesigned (Japan only)
  Oct. Camry Hybrid production commenced at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. in the U.S.; Quick Delivery 200 launched (Japan only)
2007 May Cumulative hybrid vehicle sales top 1 million mark;
LS600h / LS600hL launched