Dec. 18, 2014

Toyota Lends Mobility Impairment Rehabilitation
Partner Robots to Hospitals Across Japan


Tokyo, Japan, December 18, 2014-Toyota Motor Corporation has begun lending its "Walk Training Assist" and "Balance Training Assist" rehabilitation-aid partner robots for clinical trials to be conducted in medical facilities across Japan. The robots are designed to aid the rehabilitation of patients who find it difficult to walk or maintain balance due to illness or injury.

The first of the Walk Training Assist and Balance Training Assist robots to be lent were installed today at the Ukai Rehabilitation Hospital in Aichi Prefecture. In total, 23 Walk Training Assist robots and 21 Balance Training Assist robots are scheduled to be installed at a total of 34 medical facilities.

Development of these robots began at the end of 2007 in collaboration with Fujita Health University Hospital in Toyoake, Aichi Prefecture. Since 2011, Toyota has been working together with medical facilities to complete pilot testing of the robots, and has significantly improved on-site user-friendliness.

The wider-scale clinical trials are aimed to further evaluate the effectiveness of the robots. Toyota is accelerating development of the robots with the aim a commercial launch at the earliest opportunity.

Name Walk Training Assist Balance Training Assist
  • Aids all stages of rehabilitation for patients that are unable to walk due to lower limb paralysis
  • Assists limb movement by aiding leg swing, knee straightening and body-weight support
  • Uses a game interface to for enjoyable independent balance training
  • Two-wheeled Winglet personal transport device links body movement with an in-game avatar
Main improvements
(over model announced in 2011)
  • Leg mount fitted with lifting mechanism to lessen weight burden
  • Variable assistance levels according to degree of rehabilitation
  • Real-time monitoring of joint angle and other walking data with audial and visual feedback
  • Redesigned for quicker mounting
  • Skiing and rodeo games added to tennis to further enable training in shifting center-of-gravity and maintaining balance
  • Response between user and in-game avatar improved
  • Difficulty level set automatically to degree of rehabilitation
Size Width: 1,200 mm; length: 2,560 mm;
height: 2,350 mm
Width: 1,870 mm; length: 3,040 mm;
height: 2,350 mm
Photos Walk Training Assist Balance Training Assist

Major Facilities Scheduled to Receive Rehabilitation Aid Robots

✓ = Scheduled to be installed
-= Not scheduled to be installed
Prefecture Facility Name Walk Training Assist Balance Training Assist
Akita Akita University Hospital
Saitama Kasumigaseki South Hospital
Chiba Tokyo Bay Rehabilitation Hospital
Chiba Funabashi Municipal Rehabilitation Hospital
Tokyo Hatsudai Rehabilitation Hospital
Tokyo Makita General Hospital
Kanagawa Aso Rehabilitation General Hospital
Kanagawa Shinyokohama Rehabilitation Hospital
Toyama Alpen Rehabilitation Hospital
Toyama Koshi Rehabilitation Hospital
Ishikawa Rozyo Clinic
Nagano Kizankai Memorial Hospital
Aichi Ukai Rehabilitation Hospital
Aichi Uno Hospital
Aichi Jyousai Hospital
Aichi Kariya Toyota General Hospital
Aichi National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
Aichi Sankuro Hospital
Aichi Daiyukai General Hospital
Aichi Toyota Memorial Hospital
Kyoto Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, University Hospital
Osaka Senri Rehabilitation Hospital
Hyogo Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital
Hyogo Hyogo College of Medicine, Sasayama Medical Center
Okayama Okayama Rehabilitation Hospital
Kochi Chikamori Rehabilitation Hospital
Fukuoka Kokura Rehabilitation Hospital
Fukuoka Shinyoshizuka Hospital
Fukuoka Nagao Hospital
Saga Saga University Hospital
Oita Yufuin Hospital

Walk Training Assist

Balance Training Assist

Downloads (Videos)

  • Walk Training Assist
    Walk Training Assist Partner Robot
  • Balance Training Assist
    Balance Training Assist Partner Robot

Downloads (Images)

  • Walk Training Assist
    Walk Training Assist Partner Robot
  • Walk Training Assist (user-equipable portion)
    Walk Training Assist Partner Robot: user-equipable leg brace
  • Balance Training Assist
    Balance Training Assist Partner Robot
  • Balance Training Assist (user-equipable portion)
    Balance Training Assist: Winglet controller