Jan. 15, 2015

'Mirai' Orders Reach 1,500 in Japan


Tokyo, Japan, January 15, 2015―In the first month since its launch in Japan on December 15 last year, approximately 1,500 orders have been received here for Toyota's "Mirai" fuel cell sedan.

At the time of the vehicle's launch, Toyota announced plans to sell approximately 400 units in Japan by the end of 2015. Due to the large volume of orders received, Toyota forecasts a significantly longer time to delivery than originally expected.

Roughly 60% of the orders are from government offices and corporate fleets, and 40% from individual consumers. Orders are mostly from Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture.

The Mirai's motor is powered by electricity generated through a chemical reaction between airborne oxygen and hydrogen within an onboard fuel cell. With its combination of excellent environmental friendliness and fun-to-drive performance, the Mirai has the potential to further accelerate energy diversification and help create a hydrogen society of the future.