Dec. 03, 1979



TOKYO―Toyota Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Sales Co. announced jointly today the addition of a diesel engine model to Toyota's Hi-Lux one-ton truck series. The new vehicle is also being placed on nationwide sale today.

Augmentation of the Hi-Lux line is a direct response to the recent surge in demand for economic diesel vehicles in the small-size truck market in Japan. Altogether, five diesel-engine versions of the Hi-Lux were released for sale today. Added to the present eight gasoline-engine models (including one 4WD type), the new trucks make up an expanded Hi-Lux line totaling 13 different models.

The new Hi-Lux diesel vehicles are mounted with an L-type 2188cc engine, already a proven success in the Toyo-Ace and Hi-Ace truck lines. All of the new additions will also be equipped with the recently developed five-speed manual transmission with overdrive, to provide for maximum economy and less cabin noise in diesel vehicles, and all comply fully with Japan's 1979 emissions and noise control standards.

Toyota's tentative monthly sales target for the revamped Hi-Lux series has been set at 1,800 units, 500 of them diesel models.

Hi-Lux Diesel Model Availability


  • TOYOTA HILUX Diesel Long Body Super Deluxe (K-LN40-QFY)
    Diesel Long Body Super Deluxe (K-LN40-QFY)