Apr. 14, 2015

First-Ever Lexus Design Award Grand Prix Winner Announced
at Milan Design Week 2015


Tokyo, Japan April 13, 2015―Lexus International announced today that Sense-Wear of Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati (Caravan) was selected by an elite judging committee as the first ever Grand Prix winner of the Lexus Design Award1. The selection was made based on the four finalists' presentations of their prototype works on the theme of "Senses". Along with pieces by the other 11 finalists, the Grand Prix work is displayed at "Lexus – A Journey of the Senses", an exhibit experience presented by Lexus at Milan Design Week 20152. This year's Lexus Design Award drew a large number of submissions and a wide variety of wonderfully original ideas. In keeping with the theme of "Senses," many submissions appealed to the five senses or emotional, rather than concrete, aspects of the human experience.

On Tuesday, April 14, Lexus International will publicly open Lexus – A Journey of the Senses at Spazio Lexus at Torneria in Milan. The exhibit will offer an amazing experience that awakens the senses to the excitement of the Lexus journey. The exhibit was created by world-renowned space designer Philippe Nigro with collaboration from acclaimed chef Hajime Yoneda.

Lexus – A Journey of the Senses

Lexus – A Journey of the Senses presents a wide-ranging and exciting sensory experience with the theme of "Senses," a concept that is fundamental to the Lexus brand. When space designer Philippe Nigro visited a Lexus plant, he was greatly impressed to learn how much care goes into not just the outer appearance but also into the unseen internal details. This insight led him to the 'Inside-Out' concept that enables visitors to experience beauty from every angle. Revealing things normally hidden from view, Lexus invites the visitor to make new discoveries and have new experiences in each of the three zones.

Zone 1Engaging the Senses

A special version of the LF-SA concept introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show 2015 is displayed in this zone. The car, which is placed in the centre of a cocoon, is surrounded by numerous convex mirrors that cause unexpected reflections and illumination to create a flow of motion stimulating the imagination.

Zone 2Exploring the Senses

Twelve finalist works, 4 prototypes, and 8 panels, chosen from among 1,171 entries from 72 countries are displayed in this zone; including the Grand Prix work "Sense-Wear" by Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati (Caravan). Some of the prototypes offer interactive experiences for visitors. The space has a quiet, soothing atmosphere that allows visitors to fully experience the originality and creativity of each work, and to reflect on its potential to shape the future.

Zone 3Experience the 5 Senses

In this collaboration between Philippe Nigro and Hajime Yoneda, a tasting experience is added to the sensory journey. In creating a unique taste sensation, Chef Yoneda who is a Lexus owner himself, drew on his personal experiences of driving pleasure and travelling through nature, where all five senses are at their sharpest.

Scene 1

This scene was inspired by Chef Yoneda's own joy in driving in a Lexus, hurtling through the falling rain drops and feeling the exhilaration of becoming one with the natural beauty of a rainy day. Inside the cocoon, visitors see and hear a startlingly realistic illusion of falling rain. As the 'raindrops' made out of sparkling candy dissolve in the visitors' mouths, a refreshing sensation is produced, mimicking the feeling and sound of falling rain.

Scene 2

In this scene, Chef Yoneda takes inspiration from the Lexus cockpit, envisioning the beauty of nature from the inside out and enveloping the visitor with a sense of comfort, liberation, and unity with nature. As they bite into the cacao butter crust of the 'life force of a tree', the aroma of fresh, verdant greenery washes over their senses. Hearing the quiet sounds of a forest around them, they experience the beauty of a tree from the inside out.

Scene 3

As the culmination of the journey of the senses, this scene embodies Chef Yoneda's respect for the Lexus commitment to excellence in car-making and its luxury brand spirit of hospitality. Looking down from starry space upon images of the earth on a table in the centre of the room, visitors drink the warm 'Earth soup' with its life-giving essence of vegetables, meat, and fish, sensing a glow from within as the soup's warmth spreads through their bodies.

Additionally, a two-minute interactive, virtual walkthrough video of the exhibit will be launched on the Lexus International website on April 15th (JST 16:00). The video highlights each zone and provides a feel for the sensory experiences at the exhibit together with visitor reactions posted on social media.

1An international design competition launched in 2013 to foster the growth of ideas that contribute to society and to support up-and-coming creators whose work can contribute to shaping a better future

2The world's largest design exhibition, with numerous events presented by furniture and fashion brands

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Lexus Design Award 2015 Entries Selected for Prototype Development

Designer Keita Ebidzuka (Japan)
Description ANIMAL MASKS allow wearers to see the world through animals' eyes, evoking a mythical world where symbolism meets reality.
Mentors Neri & Hu
Title Diomedeidae
Designers Adriano Alfaro (Italy)
Daiki Nakamori (Japan)
Gaetano Mirko Vatiero (Italy)
Description Generating electricity from its own flapping movements, Diomedeidae is a kinetic sculpture; the motion and light of which appeal to the senses.
Mentor Arthur Huang
Title LUZ
Designer Marina Mellado Mendieta (Spain)
Description LUZ uses emotional lighting technology to create an environment appropriate to any weather or climatic condition.
Mentor Max Lamb
Title Sense-Wear
Designers Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati (Italy)
Description Sense-Wear is a collection of garments and accessories that emphasize use of human senses.
Mentor Robin Hunicke

Lexus Design Award 2015 Panel Exhibits

Braille Reader
Title Braille Reader
Designer Juchun Jung (South Korea)
Description The Braille Reader allows people with vision impairment to read printed materials, bridging the senses of sight and touch.
Title >crosswalk<
Designers Naoki Kaminaka and Ryo Yamaguchi (Japan)
Description >crosswalk< is a crosswalk design featuring arrows that guide pedestrians, thus allowing smoother crossing.
Embodiment of Fractal
Title Embodiment of Fractal
Designer Hiroyuki Morita (Japan)
Description Embodiment of Fractal invites the viewer to experience the fresh visual and tactile experience of the fractal growth of a natural forest.
Here Comes the Sun
Title Here Comes the Sun
Designers Chun-Fu Chen and Chi-Ming Pao (Taiwan)
(Department of Product Design, Shu-Te University)
Description Here Comes the Sun is a heater that simulates sunlight coming through a window providing warmth and hope.
Designer Yuzo Azu (Japan)
Description Applying traditional East Asian brushwork principles, INSTAMP uses pressure and angle of touch to give emotion and artistic effect to Western lettering.
Title Leather?
Designer Amon Matsuo (Japan)
Description Through the application of traditional Japanese papermaking/molding techniques to powdered shoemaking by-products, a new unique material emerges.
Mnote, Mnemonic Note
Title Mnote, Mnemonic Note
Designer Benjamin Xue (Singapore)
Description Mnote is a writing pad designed to take advantage of our senses to improve memory and help us retain important information.
yamaori taniori tent
Title yamaori taniori tent
Designer Iyo Hasegawa (Japan)
Description Inspired by origami, this tent appeals to users' senses as it is transformed from a flat sheet to a visually appealing shelter.


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  • LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2015 Grand Prix Winner
    LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2015 Grand Prix Winner