Apr. 13, 1978


Mounted with 6-cylinder, M-Type Engine with EFI


TOKYO―Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales Company jointly announced today the marketing of a personal sporty type car, the Celica XX (Double X), for addition to the Celica series. The Celica XX will go on sale nation-wide to the domestic market on April 13.

Toyota developed the Celica XX in respond to the demand from customers in the expanding specialty car market for a car worthy to be called a true grand touring car.

Although the Celica XX basically borrows its styling from the Celica Lift Back, designed with close attention to aerodynamics, its front body is marked by a long nose, its overall length and width have been increased and rectangular headlamps have been utilized, thus giving it a sporty, clean appearance.

Two engine types are available for the Celica XX: the M-EU type (1988cc, 6-cylinder, with EFI), and the 4M-EU type (2563cc, 6-cylinder, with EFI). These engines give the Celica XX good power and a pleasant driving performance. Interior and exterior finish and equipment have all been up-graded.

The Celica XX is available in L, S and G grades, and has ten versions. The Celica XX 2000 (M-EU engine) has six versions, and the Celica XX 2600 (4M-EU engine) has four versions. All versions meet Japan's tough '78 emission standards with Toyota's unique 3-way catalyst system.

  1. Styling
    1. The basic Celica XX silhouette resembles the Celica Lift Back, with sporty styling that reflects a study of aerodynamics and reduces air resistance.
    2. The front design features rectangular headlamps which give the car a feeling of composure, and a T-shaped grille.
    3. The long-nosed front body is 210mm longer than that of the Celica Lift Back 2000 ST. Also, it is 270mm longer overall and 15mm wider.
    4. The rectangular rear combination lamp gives a good solid feeling to the back
  2. Comfort
    1. The interior of all Celica XX versions is luxurious, as is appropriate for a high performance car. In particular, all seats are covered with fabric material. The G grade, moreover, has an option for covering the seats with highest quality leather.
    2. Extra sound proofing material is used between the engine room and the driver's compartment in order to shut engine noises out and make the compartment as quiet as possible.
    3. The same rear stabilizer which was standard equipment in the Celica GT series (Celica 1600 GT and GTV; Celica 2000 GT and GTV) has been made standard equipment in the Celica XX for strengthening the suspension.
  3. Handling
    1. Tilt steering is used in all versions of the Celica XX. It allows the driver to adjust the steering wheel to the angle most comfortable for his size and sitting posture.
    2. Urethane steering wheels, because of their outstanding handling characteristics, are also standard equipment in the Celica XX. Moreover, in the S and G grades power steering is standard equipment while it is optional in the L grade.
    3. Power windows and remote-control side mirrors are standard equipment.
  4. Other equipment
    1. All versions have as standard equipment an automatic trunk opener and an automatic fuel cap opener, operated from the driver's seat.
    2. All versions have large-size arm rests, coin holders and various switches such as those for the power windows.
    3. Fourteen inch aluminum wheels are standard equipment on the G grade, and optional on the S and L grades.
  5. Safety
    1. The G and S grades have 4-wheel disc brakes as standard equipment.
    2. All versions have "rise-up" window wipers as standard equipment. The wiper blades retract out of sight below the windshield when the wipers are turned off, thereby gaining improved vision frontward.
    3. All versions have urethane bumpers with outstanding shock absorbing characteristics. The bumpers are coated to coordinate with the body color.
    4. All versions use steel radial tires (G grade uses 195/70 HR-14 tires; L and S grades use 185/70 HR-14 tires).
  6. Engine and grades
    1. Two types of engines are available: the M-EU type (1988cc, 6-cylinder, with EFI), and the 4M-EU type (2563cc, 6-cylinder, with EFI). These engines meet Japan's 1978 emission standards with Toyota's unique 3-way catalyst method which cleanses emissions through the combination of a 3-way catalytic converter, an air-fuel ratio mixture compensator, an EGR system and other emissions cleansing devices.
    2. The Celica XX is available in L, S and G grades, described as follows
      The basic grade, fitted with all the equipment basically needed for a high class specialty car (available only in 2000cc cars)
      This grade is fitted with additional functional parts for improving its handling
      This grade has interior amenities more luxurious than the S grade, thus making it the highest grade Celica
    3. All versions are available with either 5-speed floor standard transmissions or 4- speed floor automatic transmissions (with overdrive).

Emissions Data (Ave. Target Values for Testing Complete Vehicles―Mode 10)

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Emissions Data (Ave. Target Values for Testing Complete Vehicles―Mode 10)

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