Sep. 01, 1978



Tokyo―Toyota Motor Company, Ltd. and Toyota Motor Sales Company, Ltd., jointly announced and put on nationwide sale today a full model change in the small-size pick-up truck, the Hi-Lux, the first such change in the series since May 1972, six years and four months ago.

The aims of this model change are the realization of the true function of a small-size truck, extensive improvements in comfort and safety and positive responses to the new customer trend toward using this class of truck as a passenger or leisure car. Along these lines, substantial consideration was given to fully equipping the new Hi-Lux and adding a new Super Deluxe grade to produce a truck which is "equipped and rides like a passenger car."

A total of seven model types will be released on the Japanese market―three regular-wheelbase model grades and four long-wheelbase model grades (including the Super Deluxe), all mounted with 12R-J type 1587cc engines.

Major improvements and specifications of the new Hi-Lux series are outlined below.

  • Sloping the nose forward to improve aerodynamics and visibility, adoption of dual headlights and an enlarged front windshield has created a bright sporty style with plenty of strength.
Load Capacity
  • By extending the space between the cargo deck wheel wells 60mm and enlarging the deck length of the regular-wheelbase grade model 15mm, cargo load capacity has been expanded and made more accessible.
Comfort, Driveability and Quietness
  • The new Super Deluxe grade has been equipped with a cab 65mm longer than the regular-grade model, while comfort equal to that of a passenger car has been realized through the use of semireclining seats, redesigned seat shape, more luxurious equipment and other improvements. The larger cab and improved seats have given the interior a relaxed and easy atmosphere.
  • Meters and gauges have been enlarged for excellent visibility, and headlight and wiper controls have been combined on a single stalk and placed within easy reach on the steering column.
  • Wind noise has been prevented by improving window sealing characteristics, while in addition, increased use of soundproofing and sound absorbing materials have also helped lower the interior sound level.
  • True interior comfort has been made possible with an increased-capacity heater. A built-in air conditioner is available as optional equipment.
  • Highly reliable front disc brakes have been adopted as standard equipment in the Deluxe and Super Deluxe grades.
  • The suspension system has been upgraded for comfortable ride and stable running performance.
  • Windwhield wipers with an intermittent speed, highly convenient in light rain conditions, and side defrosters designed to unfog side windows have been added as standard equipment in the Deluxe and Super Deluxe grades.
Regular wheelbase model Long wheelbase model
Overall length (mm) 4,300 4,690
Overall width (mm) 1,610 1,610
Overall height (mm) 1,565 1,560
Wheelbase (mm) 2,585 2,800
Tread Front (mm) 1,340 (1,325) 1,340 (1,325)
Rear (mm) 1,350 1,350
Deck length (mm) 1,865 2,250 (2,185)
Deck width (mm) 1,430 1,430
Curb weight (kg) 1,055 (1,050) 1,080(1,085)
Pay load (kg) 1,000 1,000
Engine displacement (cc) 1,587 1,587
Max. output (ps/rpm) 80/5,200 (Jis) 80/5,200 (Jis)
Max. torque (kg-m/rpm) 12.5/3,000 (Jis) 12.5/3,000 (Jis)
Fuel tank capacity 52L

Downloads (Images)

  • TOYOTA HILUX Long Wheelbase Superdeluxe (H-RN40-JFJ)
    TOYOTA HILUX Long Wheelbase Superdeluxe