Nov. 26, 1976


Name is the Toyota BUV Tamaraw


TOKYO―Toyota Motor Company, Ltd., and Toyota Motor Sales Company, Ltd., have announced the introduction in the Philippines of its newly developed multi-purpose BUV (Basic Utility Vehicle). The vehicle will go on sale in the Philippines beginning December 2nd through Delta Motor Corporation, importer, assembler and distributor of Toyota products in that country.

Toyota will watch developments regarding the BUV in Southeast Asia carefully and in the future may introduce the BUV in other countries in the region. As the Toyota BUV is introduced to other countries its name will be changed to fit the particular market. The name used in the Philippines for the Toyota BUV is the Tamaraw, the Tagalog name for a small sturdily built buffalo native to Mindoro Island.

In the development of the BUV, Toyota made comprehensive studies in the Philippines of the transport situation, of Government policy on local participation in automobile manufacturing, of Philippine consumer buying preferences, and of other aspects of the Philippine automobile market, and a design objective was set of developing an automobile that meets the market's requirements as closely as possible. In the development of the BUV, Delta Motor Corporation cooperated closely with Toyota to reflect in the new product the needs of the Philippine market. As a result of that cooperative effort, the Toyota BUV Tamaraw was developed as a multi-purpose, low-priced vehicle with great utility. Moreover, the new vehicle's design enables a higher percentage of local content.

The Toyota BUV Tamaraw that will go on sale in early December in the Philippines will be available in two basic models, both of which are fitted with 1,166cc, 3K-H type engines. One is a jeepney model that will serve as a mini-bus for carrying up to 15 passengers, and the other is a high-side pickup truck with roof (carries either 3 persons and 600 kilograms of freight, or 15 persons). A chassis fitted with a cab is also available on which various types of decks can be fixed depending on particular demands.

Delta Motor Corporation will be responsible for assembling the Tamaraw, and although its engines, transmissions, chassis and other components will be supplied from Japan, a large number of components such as bodies, frames, tires, batteries and so forth will be used that are produced in the Philippines. Local content from the start of this project will be more than 50 per cent, a high percentage.

Delta Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales Company are tentatively anticipating monthly sales of about 400 Tamaraw vehicles. Standard prices in Manila and main specifications of the Toyota BUV Tamaraw are as per the attached sheet.


  1. Prices
    Jeepney (standard)
    ―21,800 pesos
    High-side Pickup Truck w/roof (standard)
    ―21,800 pesos
  2. Main Specifications of the Toyota BUV Tamaraw
Jeepney High-side Pickup Truck w/roof
Overall length 4,270 mm 4,070 mm
Overall width 1,580 mm 1,550 mm
Overall height 1,975 mm 1,975 mm
Tread, front/rear 1,310/1,266 mm 1,310/1,266 mm
Wheelbase 2,500 mm 2,500 mm
Deck length 1,885 mm 1,855 mm
Deck width 1,460 mm 1,460 mm
Carrying capacity 15 persons 3 persons + 600 kg
Maximum speed 110 km/h 110 km/h
Slope performance tan θ 0.37 tan θ 0.37
Engine displacement 1,166 cc 1,166 cc
Engine output 61 HP (SAE) 61 HP (SAE)
Fuel tank capacity 50 liters 50 liters
Tire size 6.50-13-6 6.50-13-6

Downloads (Images)

  • TOYOTA BUV TAMARAW, High-side Pickup with roof
    TOYOTA BUV TAMARAW, High-side Pickup with roof