Feb. 27, 1981

Toyota Unveils New Super Gran Turismo Soarer
With Newly Developed 6-Cylinder DOHC "Twin-Cam 6" Engine


TOKYO―Today Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales Company announced the beginning of nationwide sales of the new Super Gran Turismo Soarer. The new Soarer is a high performance, fuel efficient motorcar combining graceful beauty with superior handling. Its features include revolutionary advances such as a fully electronic instrument panel―the first ever produced in Japan to dispense entirely with needle indicators. For the time being, the Soarer will be available only on the Japanese domestic market.

Super Gran Turismo

Toyota designed the Soarer to be a very special, super-luxurious car whose technology surpasses that of any other car on the road today. Its superior power, superb handling and luxurious interior will satisfy the most discriminating driver. At the same time, Toyota's advanced technology makes the Soarer an extremely economical car―a car that meets the modern world's need for resource and energy conservation.

The Soarer's Principal Features

  • Styling that embodies an aerodynamic ideal.
    Elegant styling based on a design that minimizes air resistance.
  • High performance engine.
    Superior power performance has been achieved by equipping the Soarer with a newly developed Twin-Cam 6 5M-GEU type engine (6-cylinder DOHC; 2759cc, with EFI; maximum output of 170 hp at 5600 rpm; maximum torque of 24.0 kg・m at 4400 rpm). Or, if the owner prefers, the 1G-EU type engine (6-cylinder, 1988cc, with EFI) which has established a solid reputation in the Mark II, the Chaser, and the Cresta.
  • The latest electronic technology.
    Revolutionary easy-to-monitor electronic displays―including a digital speedometer, and a tachometer and fuel indicator with graphic displays, plus an energy-saving microcomputer-controlled automatic air conditioner, and other applications of the latest electronic technology to maximize comfort.
  • Steering, drive, and braking systems developed to match the high performance engine.
    Superior handling is insured through the use of four-wheel independent suspension, rack-and-pinion power steering, four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, wide tread tires, and other features.
  • Ten new equipment items appearing for the first time on a Japanese vehicle
    These include four-speed automatic transmission with two-way overdrive adapted for a two-liter engine and seats with air-cushion back support.

A Two-Door Five-Passenger Luxury Car

A driver can choose any one of ten different Soarers with different combinations of engines, transmissions, and other equipment, to suit his personal requirements: two in the 2800 GT series and eight in the 2000 series.

The Soarer will be sold at the fifty "Toyota" dealerships and the fifty-two "Toyopet" dealerships nationwide. Initial monthly sales are expected to be about 3,000 vehicles.

The Meaning of "Soarer"
The name "Soarer" refers to a super-glider. It evokes feelings of "aerodynamic beauty," "quietness," and "effortless flight."

Soarer Models Available

Soarer Models Available
* With two-way overdrive.
** The GT Extra has additional internal and external options.

Fuel Efficiency Data on the Soarer

Fuel Efficiency Data on the Soarer
* With two-way overdrive.

Major Specifications

Major Specifications


  1. A simply beautiful car with superior aerodynamic characteristics.
    By combining beauty with superior aerodynamic characteristics, Toyota has succeeded in achieving high fuel efficiency and improved handling at high speeds.
    • The Soarer has a distinctively graceful and elegant notchback style, created by the combination of a stable-looking front and trapezoidal rear silhouette drawn together by a waistline stretching straight from nose to trunk.
    • The Soarer's unique fusion of aerodynamic and aesthetic excellence is the result of designing the body as an integral whole. The low apex of the hood, the slanted hood line, and the trunk form a single, coherent unit. Pressed doors, large single-unit urethane bumpers, custom-shaped four-lamp type halogen headlamps, a glass embedded antenna, and other features contribute to the overall impression of integration.
      Extremely low values have been achieved for such measures of aerodynamic characteristics as the air drag coefficient (Cd = 0.36) and the front lift coefficient (CLf = 0.12).
    • Eight body colors are available, including the newly developed "super white," which gives an impression of elegance and refinement.
    • Highly anticorrosive cation paint covers the entire body.
  2. Engines with superior power performance, plus a newly developed transmission
    The Soarer comes equipped with either the new Twin-Cam 6 or the high performance 1G-EU type engine. These engines and a newly developed transmission ensure excellent performance, high fuel efficiency, and a smooth, quiet ride―all with a minimum of maintenance.
    • The New Twin-Cam 6.
      The Twin-Cam 6 (5M-GEU type engine) was developed on a schedule timed to coincide with the marketing of the Soarer. A 6-cylinder DOHC engine, it offers truly outstanding performance―a maximum output of 170 hp at 5600 rpm and a maximum torque of 24.0 kg・m at 4400 rpm. The world's first DOHC engine equipped with an oil pressure valve lash adjuster that eliminates the need for adjustments in valve clearance and, in combination with a timing belt, sharply reduces engine noise.
    • The high-performance, light, compact 1G-EU engine.
      The 1G-EU type engine (maximum output 125 hp at 5400 rpm; maximum torque 17.5 kg-m at 4400 rpm) is a light, compact engine incorporating the latest technology. First marketed last year in the Mark II, Chaser, and Cresta, this engine has received consistently high marks for its excellent performance.
    • Newly developed transmission
      Transmission options include a five-speed manual and a four-speed automatic, both with overdrive. Both transmissions embody Toyota's pioneering excellence in powertrain design: together with the Soarer's fine aerodynamic characteristics and one of the high performance engines described above, they offer superior fuel efficiency. In the case of the five-speed manual, the 10 mode fuel efficiency figures are 8.9km/L for the 2800 GT and 10.0 km/L for the 2000.
      The four-speed automatic is the first transmission produced in Japan to offer two-way overdrive for a two liter engine. At speeds greater than 60 km/h, this new feature provides 10 percent greater fuel efficiency than other four-speed automatics.
  3. The most modern electronic technology
    Through the application of the latest electronic technology, significant improvements have been made in ease of use, safety, comfort, and reliability.
    • Electronic displays
      The Soarer's dashboard embodies the best of modern human engineering. The VR, VX, and GT are equipped with electronic displays which eliminate indicator needles from the display panel. These include an easy-to-read digital speedometer, a tachometer which shows revolutions per minute in continuous graph form, and a fuel gauge and temperature gauge which indicate fuel level and water temperature through the use of fluorescent tubes.
    • Optional digital speed warning device.
      The Soarer's options include a digital speed warning device, in addition to the already existing 100 km/h warning device. When the vehicle reaches a speed specified by the driver through a digital input device, an alarm sounds alerting the driver to the situation. (Available in the VR, VX, and GT.)
    • Microcomputer-controlled automatic air conditioner.
      This newly developed automatic air conditioner is capable of keeping the temperature inside the vehicle at a set level at all times. A microcomputer monitors not only internal and external air temperatures but also the amount of sunlight penetrating inside the car. In addition, the compressor switches off automatically when the desired temperature is reached (an energy-conservation mechanism that increases fuel efficiency), while a continuous-switch air flow regulator makes it possible to maintain the most comfortable level of air flow at all times.
      In the VX and GT control buttons are of the soft-touch type on a totally flat panel―buttons which protrude from the panel have been totally eliminated.
    • Other features
      The Speak Monitor (available on the GT Extra) uses a computer-synthesized voice to warn the driver of six different kinds of problems. Additional options include automatic drive (available on the VX and GT), a new easier-to-use cruise computer (on the VX and GT), and ESC (Electronic Skid Control; available on all models)―all of which offer improved ease-of-use, safety and reliability to the owner of the new Soarer.
  4. Steering, drive, and braking characteristics developed to match the Soarer's high performance engines.
    Four-wheel independent suspension, wide tread tires (1440 mm in the front and 1450 mm in the rear on the GT), and rack-and-pinion type power steering (available on all models except the VI) give the driver the feeling of direct contact with the road. The Soarer's 195/70HR-14 tires (available on the VR and GT), together with its aerodynamic characteristics, ensure easy handling for high-speed straight-ahead driving, high stability in cross winds, and superb cornering.
    All models feature four wheel disc brakes (four wheel ventilated disc brakes on the VR and GT), to insure superior braking power.
    In addition, the LSD (Limited Slip Differential) is available on the GT―an option that offers improved performance at high speeds.
  5. New Technology
    The following ten features are appearing for the first time on an automobile produced in Japan
    • The Twin-Cam 6 5M-GEU type engine―the world's first DOHC engine with an oil-pressure valve lash adjuster. This new power plant (available on the GT) offers low maintenance, high performance, low fuel consumption, and low noise.
    • A four-speed automatic transmission with two-way overdrive (on the 2000 series), which offers significant gains in fuel economy―combined for the first time with a two-liter engine.
    • Electronic displays (on the VR, VX, and GT) which eliminate indicator needles and improve monitorability.
    • An optional digital speed warning device (on the VR, VX, and GT)―an alarm sounds to warn the driver when the car reaches a certain speed selected in advance.
    • Energy-conserving microcomputer-controlled automatic air conditioner with soft-touch control buttons (on the VX and GT).
    • Air-cushion back support which adjusts to an optimal level through the use of air cushions built into the seats (on the GT Extra model).
    • Reclining seat with a memory mechanism for automatic angle adjustment―offers improved ease of use.
    • Custom-shaped four-lamp type halogen headlamps―integrated with the body for improved aerodynamic performance.
    • Quarter sun shades for the back seat―providing protection from direct sun on both sides (on the VX and GT).
    • Bronze-colored glass designed to reduce glare (on the GT Extra model).