Jan. 22, 1982


Takes First Place in Two-Wheel Drive Category


The Toyota Carina gave a fine demonstration of its great durability and performance in capturing first place in the Two-Wheel Drive Category of the fourth annual Paris-Alger-Dakar motor rally.

This event, which began in freezing rains on New Year's Day in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, covered a grueling 10,000 kilometers and 20 days, including crossing the Sahara Desert to the finish line in Dakar, the capital of Senegal, in West Africa. It is one of the most dangerous and adventurous rallies in the world.

Over 250 vehicles (excluding motorcycles) were on hand for the green flag this year, but only 74 completed the rugged course within the stipulated time. Only 93 managed to finish at all. This year's rally was the focus of world attention because of the disappearance of Mark Thatcher, the son of Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who had entered the event for the first time.

The team driving the triumphant Toyota Carina called itself ACP (Adventurous and Creative Persons), and was led by Kiichiro Yokota. Despite the fact that the 3A-II type engine-mounted Carina was a standard production model with a small 1.5-liter engine, it clearly outperformed even cars specially remodeled for the rally to capture the two-wheel drive category championship.

Other victorious Toyota vehicles were the Land Cruiser in the four-wheel drive remodeled diesel class and the Hi-Lux in the four-wheel drive unremodeled gasoline-powered class.

The Carina and the other victorious Toyota vehicles were the center of attention when the rally concluded in Dakar.

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