May. 16, 1983



TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION on May 16 began marketing its locally assembled Hi-Lux 4x2 light duty truck in the Republic of Zambia, through Mobile Motor Inc., its sales agent.

Toyota has been selling approximately 1,000 finished commercial vehicles each year in Zambia. The Corporation has started local assembly and sales of the Toyota Hi-Lux 4x2, the most popular of the Toyota vehicles exported to that country to enable a faster service for its customers. Start-up plans call for assembly of about 200 units a year.

Toyota exports vehicles to more than 140 countries, and it has long been a Toyota policy to become firmly established as a member of the local community in every country in which Toyota vehicles are sold, through efforts appropriate for the economy, technical capabilities and other conditions of each industrial nation. The start of local assembly and marketing in the Republic of Zambia is in line with this policy.

Local assembly of the Toyota Hi-Lux 4x2 in the Republic of Zambia was begun using production facilities at Rover Zambia Ltd.

This will mean that Toyota is currently assembling Toyota vehicles, making parts, or producing finished vehicles in 27 factories in 19 countries worldwide. Most recently, the Corporation established an aluminum parts manufacturing company in Canada in April of this year.

Rover Zambia Ltd.―A Corporate Outline

Company name
Rover Zambia Ltd.
20,0001 K£ (75% owned by BL)
Head office
Ndola, Zambia Production
2,400 units/year