Feb. 10, 1983


Now With TEMS: World's First Electronically Controlled Suspension


TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION is releasing a modified version of the Super Gran Turismo Soarer on February 10. The Soarer is Toyota's finest, state-of-the-art, luxury class specialty car, and has earned a high reputation among motorists, who are thrilled with its high quality and superb performance.

The new Soarer is better than ever. Its outstanding features include changes in front and rear exterior design, the powerful turbo engine with a water-cooling intercooler (M-TEU type 6-cylinder OHC, 1988cc) and 1G Twin Cam 24 engine (1G-GEU type 6-cylinder DOHC, 1988cc), and the groundbreaking TEMS (Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension) system. The result is a car which combines high performance and superior economy with improved riding comfort and a wide range of innovative equipment.

Following the release of the new version, the Soarer series will include four versions in the 2.8GT Series, two in the 2.0GT series, one Turbo model and six in the 2000 Series, for a total of 13 different combinations of engine, transmission and grade. A brief description and major specifications of the new Soarer are given below

High-Performance, Versatile Power Train

  • Besides TCCS (Toyota Computer Controlled System), which is incorporated in all engines, the M-type turbo engine adds a water-cooling type intercooler and the new 1G Twin Cam 24 engine has been adopted. The result is an engine lineup with superior performance and outstanding fuel economy worthy of a specialty car of the highest class.


  1. Intercooler
    For the first time in a Japanese car, an intercooler is added to the M-type turbo engines to maximize the turbocharger effect. Intake air super-charged and warmed by the turbocharger is cooled by the water-cooling type intercooler to increase air density, improving intake efficiency and lowering the temperature of the combustion chamber air/fuel mixture to prevent knocking. The result is a compression ratio as high as 8.0, with maximum output of 160HP (at 5400rpm) and maximum torque of 23.5kg-m (at 3000rpm). Fuel efficiency is an excellent 9.0km/liter (10-mode Ministry of Transport test score on automatic transmission model).
  2. 1G Twin Cam 24
    The Soarer's already wide range of engines is further extended by addition of the powerful, fuel-stingy 6-cylinder 24-valve DOHC 1G Twin Cam 24, based on the lightweight, compact 1G (1G-EU type, 6-cylinder OHC, 1,988cc).
  3. TCCS in all versions
    TCCS, which was formerly available only in 2.8GT series automatic transmission versions (5M-GEU type, 6-cylinder DOHC, 2759cc), is now available on all versions to improve fuel efficiency, power performance and serviceability.
  4. ECT (electronic controlled transmission)
    Now the 2.0GT series as well as the 2.8GT series is equipped with the electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission system (ECT) which allows the driver to select either a power or an economy mode in addition to the normal driving mode.

Hi-Tech Footwork

  • The combination of the TEMS electronically controlled suspension system and 205/60R15 radial tires means sporty driving performance plus a more comfortable ride.
  1. TEMS-Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension
    This epoch-making suspension system automatically selects the optimum damping force for each of the four shock absorbers attached to the front and rear axles depending on ride conditions, for outstanding steering stability coupled with a truly luxurious ride. TEMS offers a choice of "auto", "sports" and "normal" patterns, so that the driver can choose the style he prefers. When the system is set on the "auto" pattern, the soft, luxurious ride of a high-class saloon is obtained under normal conditions, while the five sensors on ECT models (four on manual transmission models) automatically increase the damping force of the shock absorbers during cornering, accelerating or stopping in response to operating conditions, for sharper, more responsive steering suited to sporty driving. When the system is set to the "normal" pattern, the driver enjoys comfortable footwork and the "sports" pattern assures crisp response. (Standard equipment on the 2.8GT series)
  2. High performance radial tires
    The high cornering performance of 205/60R15 radial tires is combined with 15-inch aluminum wheels (standard on 2.8GT, 2.0GT, and Turbo series cars). The 2.8GT Limited series comes with "P6" tires made by Pirelli. The VR comes with Michelin's 195/70HR14 tires with Intra aluminum wheels.
  3. Improved suspension characteristics
    Twin-tube, gas filled shock absorbers providing stable damping force are now standard equipment on all versions, greatly improving the car's suspension characteristics, steering stability and riding comfort. The 2.0GT, Turbo and VR series cars are equipped with a tuned-for-sport suspension system for hard driving.

Distinctive appearance

  1. Large, proper headlamp housings in the front, the distinctive radiator grill, and the fully integrated bumper and large air cut flap emphasize the Soarer's sportiness while improving its aerodynamics.
  2. The rear lamp system is a combination of double lens lamps (tail lamp and stop lamp) and smoked lens lamps (turn lamp and backing lamp).
  3. The body color selection includes the 3 super color series of super white, super red and super metallic silver, plus three new two-tone colors.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • The new Soarer incorporates the very latest, state-of-the-art equipment, befitting the finest of high-class specialty cars.
  1. The super monitoring system providing the driver with six different types of driving and servicing information is standard on the 2.8GT Limited versions and optional on the 2.8GT.
Indicated information
  • Distance traveled since last, change
    Engine oil, spark plugs and three other parts.
  • Diagnosis
    Results of self-diagnosis by the TCCS computer.
  • Cruising distance
    the distance the car can travel without refueling.
  • Clock
    the current time.
  • Fuel consumption
    Shows the amount of fuel used since the tank was last refilled.
  • Stop watch
    Shows time elapsed since it was set (in seconds).
  1. The world's first tunnel-mode switch system (standard on 2.8GT Limited). In this device, a single switch is used to turn on and off three functions needed while passing through a tunnel
  • Headlamp and rear combination lamp
  • Shifting air-conditioning from fresh air intake to internal air circulation mode
  • Automatic radio search for "in tunnel" broadcasting.
  1. The auto-drive switch conveniently located at the center of steering wheel allows the driver to set cruising speed between 40 and 100km/h in 5km/h increments (standard on 2.8 GT series, 2.0GT and VX).
  1. The new electronic display panel with a three-dimensional feel adds auto-drive pre-set speed (GT series, VX) and twin-trip meter displays to meters incorporated in the previous panel.
  1. The 7-way adjustable sports seat allows the driver to select an optimum driving position, and the luxury seat is designed to assure superior comfort and ease of entry and exit. The 2.8GT Limited features genuine leather sports seats for a touch of true high-class luxury.
Soarer: Major Specifications

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