Aug. 31, 1983


Top-Quality Prestige Sedan


TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced that its top-line Crown passenger car series has undergone a full-model change, and that the new cars are going on sale today throughout Japan.

The Toyota Crown, introduced in January 1955, has achieved a firm position as one of Japan's highest class cars. Its popularity is a direct result of its superior quality and a design philosophy that has always kept pace with the changing times.

In making the new changes to the Crown, Toyota set two basic development goals. The first was to provide the comfort and luxury appropriate to a top-class passenger car, in keeping with the Crown's fine reputation. The second was to give the Toyota Crown higher performance to consolidate its position as an internationally accepted prestige sedan.





In response to current market demands, three principal points were emphasized as development objectives.

  1. The pursuit of overall quality levels and basic performance characteristics appropriate to a prestige sedan.
  2. The bolstering of luxury features in the higher grade models, and the introduction of features to make the hardtop and station wagon models more widely appealing.
  3. The adoption of the latest new mechanisms and equipment.

To achieve these objectives the Crown was given a dignified styling treatment reflecting its stature as a luxury sedan, and was fitted with a newly developed full-frame, four-wheel independent suspension system―the only system of its kind in the world today―to provide superior maneuverability and driving stability while enhancing riding comfort and quietness.

In addition to its wider selection of body types, the new Crown offers a choice of eleven high-performance, fuel-efficient engines. And the new Crown versions mounted with 5M-GEU type engines have Japan's first integrated microcomputer control system for engine and automatic transmission. This system greatly increases fuel economy and improves overall driveability. Also, versions with a 5-speed manual transmission and the 1G-GEU type engine have achieved fuel economy of 10.2 km/liter in the 10-mode test (Ministry of Transport values), one of the best showings for six-cylinder passenger cars in this class.

New versions of the Crown are the luxury-grade Royal Saloon G in the 2800cc class, the Royal Saloon in the 2000cc class and the Super Saloon station wagon. With these additions the Crown lineup now includes a full range of luxury-grade models, each with distinctive styling and internal equipment combinations to differentiate clearly between the hardtop and sedan versions.

Other features in the new Crown include microcomputer-controlled power seats, an improved air conditioning system, and a quality audio system―three of the most outstanding of a grand total of ninety new or improved pieces of equipment. Toyota has, in sum, succeeded in equipping this high-quality prestige sedan with a full range of both luxury and eminently practical features.

Four body types are available in the new Crown series: 4-door hardtop, sedan, station wagon and van.

The principal features of the series include the following.

  1. Styling with a completely contemporary blend of dignity and luxury

In styling, Toyota designers closely respected the traditional elegance of the Crown as a high-class passenger car, and provided it with a sophisticated contemporary feeling and superior functional beauty.

The design philosophy behind the 4-door hardtop was to create a luxury-class car for discriminating owners with sophisticated taste. Its "crystal pillars" in the rear quarters and wrap-around windows give the cabin a bright, uniquely open feeling. Its wedge-shaped profile and beautiful silhouette further enhance the feeling of luxury.

For the sedan, the basic theme is pride and dignity befitting a modern executive. This was achieved through its low beltline, an expansive, bright greenhouse, a luxurious front grille and modern-looking rear. The overall result is distinction.

"True high class" was the theme for the station wagon. Its skylight window gives it a spacious feeling, and the two-step roof adds to its interior comfort. The station wagon combines, in short, versatile practicality and superior styling.

  1. Superior maneuverability, riding stability and comfort

The full-frame, four-wheel independent suspension used in the new Crown series is a Toyota exclusive, available on no other mass-produced FR configuration passenger car. A double wishbone is used for the front suspension, and a semi-trailing arm for the rear suspension. In combination with the newly designed full-frame, these features add up to superior maneuverability and good riding stability with added comfort and quietness.

An Electronic Skid Control (ESC) has also been added, the first time ever in Japan on a car of this class. Thanks to ESC the new Crown offers greatly improved stability and handling during emergency braking on wet or slippery roads.

The new Crown series has also been equipped with an auto-leveller, a device that maintains a vehicle's height at a constant level by adjusting automatically to the total weight the car is carrying. A vehicle thus always maintains the optimum height, which results in a pleasant ride and outstanding driving stability.

Electronically controlled progressive power steering adjusts automatically to vehicle speed, for better maneuverability.

  1. Roomy, pleasant interior space, and superior quietness

A lengthened wheelbase and a dashboard pushed closer to the front have made the interior of the car longer. Also, the floor has been lowered and widened. The result: one of the roomiest cars in this class.

The instrument panel in the 4-door hardtop has been made more individualized and functional, and that in the sedan offers high utility and sophisticated design. Both panels contribute to making the vehicle interior more pleasant and more functional.

The cabin, meanwhile, has a flush outside surface, the triple door sealing has cut wind noise, and the full-frame and newly designed body mount provide superior anti-vibration characteristics―all contributing to enhanced quietness, although the Crown was already one of the quietest cars in its class worldwide.

  1. Top power and superior fuel economy

Besides a wide choice of body types, the new Crown also offers eleven different high-performance, fuel-efficient engines. Besides the 5M-GEU type twin cam engine (six cylinders, DOHC, 2,759cc), the 1G Twin Cam 24 engine (1G-GEU type, six cylinders, DOHC, 1,988cc) has been added to make the twin cam series more complete. Both are available in the Royal Saloon.

The principal engine features are as follows.

  • The 5M-GEU type twin cam engine is already world renowned for its high output and superior quietness. Now, its fuel efficiency, driveability and other performance features have been greatly improved through adoption for the first time in Japan of an electronically controlled transmission (ECT), with a microcomputer controlling both engine and the transmission.
  • The 1G-Twin Cam 24 is a lightweight, compact engine newly mounted on the Crown. This high-performance, six-cylinder, 24-valve twin cam engine has achieved fuel efficiency of 10.2 km/liter in the 10-mode test with a 5-speed manual transmission (Ministry of Transport values), giving it one of the world's best fuel economy values for six-cylinder cars in this class.
  • The 1G-EU type, six-cylinder, OHC, 1,988cc engine is fitted with a new electronically controlled fuel injection system (EFI-D), thus helping it to achieve both good fuel economy and high performance.
  • The M-type turbo engine (M-TEU type, six-cylinder, OHC, 1,988cc) has been fitted with the world's first electronically controlled 4-speed automatic transmission with two-way overdrive, which has raised power output and fuel efficiency.
  • Other new engines with outstanding fuel efficiency and quietness include the 2L diesel (2L type, four-cylinder, 2,446cc) and the 3Y-LPG (3Y-PU type, four-cylinder, 1,988cc) engines.
  1. Attractive New Mechanisms and Equipment
  1. Four-wheel ESC
    This microcomputer-controlled device prevents all four wheels from locking, greatly improving stability and maneuverability during emergency braking on slippery roads.
  2. Auto-leveller
    The new Crown series incorporates a microcomputer-controlled auto-leveller with a photo sensor that enables the vehicle to maintain a constant height automatically regardless of the number of passengers or the weight of load in the trunk. The result: outstanding riding comfort, maneuverability and riding stability.
  3. Progressive power steering
    This innovative power steering system incorporates a computer that continuously matches steering effort with vehicle speed, reducing the effort needed at low speeds and providing an appropriate steering resistance at medium and high speeds, and especially, straightaway driving at high speeds.
  4. New microcomputer-controlled air-conditioner
    This improved version of Toyota's existing, highly regarded microcomputer-controlled auto air-conditioner incorporates the world's first 10-cylinder variable capacity compressor to further enhance fuel efficiency. Additional features include a swing grille (automatic swinging central air outlet), front/rear air volume control heater (another world first), and a number of other innovative mechanisms to improve cabin comfort.
  5. Royal Sound System
    The Royal Sound System, standard equipment on the Royal Saloon G, includes the unique Position Selector (note 1) that delivers optimum sounds for each seating position at the touch of a control button, the "one-touch" Sound Flavor (note 2) tonal adjustment system, the FM dual glass antenna (another world first) and other equipment to assure listening pleasure.
    Note 1
    Position Selector
    By selecting any one of the four select buttons for DRIVER, ASSIST, REAR and ALL, the system provides optimum sounds for each seating position chosen.
    Note 2
    Sound Flavor System
    This system includes five buttons for classical music, rock, pop, jazz and vocals, for "one-touch" selection of optimum sound mix for every type of music.
  6. Comfortable seats incorporating new mechanisms
    The new Crown has power seats in both front and rear. The driver's seat is a multi-adjustable, microcomputer-controlled power seat. A vibration device is internalized in the rear seat backs of sedan versions, to offer passengers the option of a massage while riding in the Crown. The station wagons have "all-flat seats." All seats―from the front cushion to the rear seat backs―can be folded down completely to provide a spacious flat floor.
  7. Other new mechanisms and equipment
    Besides the foregoing, the new series offers the world's first tilt-and-telescopic steering column with a built-in memory for a greater range of driving position adjustments and added convenience for entry and exit. A "one-touch" autodrive switch on the steering wheel and new mechanisms further enhance maneuverability and comfort.
    These new mechanisms and equipment are standard or optional depending on the vehicle grade in the series. The Royal Saloon G 4-door hardtop is equipped with a total of nine microcomputer controls, reflecting Toyota's determination to employ to the full the latest advances in electronics.
  1. Fuller choice of body types
  • To meet the increasing market demands for higher class vehicles, a Royal Saloon version has been added to the 2000cc Crown, equipped with a 1G Twin Cam 24 engine, a full-frame four-wheel independent suspension system and other luxury equipment.
  • The Royal Saloon G has also been newly added to the 2000cc Crown series. The highest grade Crown, it comes equipped with four-wheel ESC, an auto-leveller, a Royal Sound System and new microcomputer-controlled air conditioner.
  • A Super Saloon has also been added as the highest grade car in the station wagon versions.

Crown models with taxi specifications include those with a newly developed four-cylinder LPG engine (3Y-LPG), and those with the only six-cylinder LPG engine in Japan (M-PU type).

Major specifications of the revamped Crown series follow

Major SpecificationsCrown

Curb weights for Sedan 2000 EFI Standard, 2400 Diesel Standard and Station Wagon 2400 Turbo Diesel Super Deluxe are for 5-speed manual floor shift models; all others are 4-speed manual floor shift with overdrive.

Downloads (Images)

  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2800 Royal Saloon G
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2.0 Royal Saloon
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2.0 Royal Saloon
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2.0 Royal Saloon
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2.0 Royal Saloon
  • Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2.0 Royal Saloon
    Crown 4-Door Hardtop 2.0 Royal Saloon
  • 5M-GEU Engine
    5M-GEU Engine
  • 5G-GEU Engine
    5G-GEU Engine
  • Crown Sedan 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown Sedan 2800 Royal Saloon G
  • Crown Sedan 2800 Royal Saloon G
    Crown Sedan 2800 Royal Saloon G