Jun. 12, 1991



Toyota City―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION today announced full model changes for its Corolla and Sprinter sedans and Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno coupes.

The new series boasts sophisticated exterior styling, improved ergonomic designs inside and dramatic advances in ease of driving, cornering, and braking. Special attention was also paid to vehicle safety and reliability.

  1. Exterior
    Based on soft, simple lines, the new styling of both series balances exceptional aerodynamics with style and comfort.

1-1 Sedan

Large headlamps on the front mask and streamlined combination lamps on the rear give the new Corolla a smart, stylish figure. Pressed doors lend the Sprinter a sleek, flowing profile.

  • Corolla Sedan SE-L
    Corolla Sedan SE-L
  • Sprinter Sedan SE-G
    Sprinter Sedan SE-G

1-2 Coupe

Combination fog and cornering headlamps and a matte finish grille give the Corolla Levin a look of sporty elegance, while special projector headlamps emphasize the Sprinter Trueno's sophistication.

  • Corolla Levin GT APEX
    Corolla Levin GT APEX
  • Sprinter Trueno GT APE
    Sprinter Trueno GT APE
  1. Interior
    The cockpit has been completely redesigned for better visibility, easier access to the instrument panel, and improved texture of seats and door trim. Adding to the comfortable cabin atmosphere are powerful audio and air conditioner systems. Noise and vibration have been dramatically reduced by an improved engine-mount system and flush-surface body.

2-1 Sedan

The cabin is longer, wider, and has more headroom to enhance riding comfort. Also, improvements to the shape and mounting position of the front seats give more leg-room to back-seat passengers.

On the practical side, storage space has been increased. The new sedan features a larger trunk and glove compartment, and a small storage space in the lower, driver-side dash panel.

2-2 Coupe

The compact cabin is perfect for sporty driving, and the seat fit has been dramatically improved for maximum support.

The following equipment and features have been added to create a more comfortable, luxurious cabin for both the sedan and coupe models
  • An eight-speaker, super-live sound system with a new digital signal processor (optional on the Coupe SJ and GT APEX and higher models), and a six-speaker live sound system (optional on the Sedan SE-L and higher models, and standard or optional on all coupe models)
  • Seats manufactured by Keiper Recaro GmbH of Germany (optional on the Coupe GT-Z), and a steering wheel from Momo SpA of Italy (standard or optional on the Coupe GT APEX and higher models)
  • Real leather seats (optional on the Coupe GT APEX and higher models)
  • Power driver's seat (standard on the Sedan SE-G)
  • Digital speedometer (optional on the Sedan SE-G and Coupe SJ and GT APEX)
  • 6:4 collapsible rear seat (standard on the Sedan GT and all coupe models)
  • Standard auto air conditioning (Sedan SE-L and higher and Coupe SJ and higher)
  • Remote-control door lock (standard on the Sedan SE-G)
  • Light control system (standard on the Sedan SE-G)
  1. Driving Performance
    The newly designed engine, suspension system, brakes, chassis, and seats raise driving performance, cornering, and braking to new levels.

3-1 Engine Lineup

All engines―a high-efficiency twin-cam engine, sporty twin-cam engine, and economical, high-torque diesel engine―have been redesigned for outstanding drive and durability.

  1. Type 4A-FE (1.6-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder engine, maximum output 115ps/6000rpm)
    Type 5A-FE (1.5-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder engine, maximum output 105ps/6000rpm)
    Type 4E-FE (1.3-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder engine, maximum output 100ps/6600rpm)
    All drive valves and ventilation systems have been redesigned for greater fuel economy, higher torque in the normal revolution range, and higher output and response for these second-generation, high-efficiency twin-cam engines.
  2. Type 4A-GE (1.6-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder engine, maximum output 160ps/7400rpm)
    The new Type 4A-GE employs a five-valve system (three intake and two exhaust valves) to create higher.output and response through greater intake and exhaust efficiency. A variable valve-timing (WT) mechanism for two-step control of the opening and closing of intake valves according to driving conditions, independent cylinder throttles, and dual mufflers for increased exhaust efficiency are also newly adopted. The result is a high-performance sporty engine developing 100ps/liter of displacement, without turbo-or supercharging.
  3. Type 4A-GZE (1.6-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder engine, maximum output 170ps/6400rpm)
    New dual mufflers raise the driving performance of this supercharged sporty engine.
  4. Type 2C (2.0-liter, in-line, 4-cylinder engine, maximum output 73ps/4700rpm)
    Revised valve timing and digitally controlled exhaust gas recirculation control (EGR) has enhanced the driving performance of this new, fuel-efficient diesel engine.

3-2 Chassis

The new chassis was designed for superb stability and excellent handling, with an emphasis on safety.

A new link-configuration super strut suspension (standard on the Coupe GT-Z and limited GT APEX) has been adopted in the front suspension for sportier driving. By controlling the camber angle and minimizing steering shaft movement, this new suspension system keeps the maximum amount of tire surface in constant contact with the road for superior handling in cornering and high-speed driving.

On the safety side, all models receive larger brakes and a standard or optional four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS), which reduces skidding when braking on slippery surfaces. ABS in the sporty coupe series adopts a newly-developed lateral G (lateral acceleration) sensor-equipped ABS (standard for models with super strut suspension) to control four-wheel braking-power balance even during high-speed turns.

Vertical-G (vertical acceleration) sensing TEMS―Toyota Electronic Modulated Suspension―is now offered (optional on the Coupe GT-APEX) for automatic three-level damping to match road and driving conditions. Viscous-coupling limited-slip differential (LSD) (standard on the Coupe GT-Z), and high-performance 15-inch 195/55R15 tires (standard on super-strut suspension models) have also been introduced.

  1. Additional Safety Features

4-1 Preventive Safety

Along with improved suspension, four-wheel ABS, and viscous-coupling LSD, preventive safety features include halogen lamps to prevent reflection on the windshields of oncoming vehicles (standard on all models) and clearance sonar on vehicle corners (optional on the Sedan SE-G) for detecting obstacles

Also, large-sized lamps and high-mount stop lamps (optional or standard on all models) enhance safety by making sure the other driver sees you.

4-2 Collision Safety

Toyota used computer analysis of accident data from around the world to help design vehicle structures with crash resistance in mind. This knowledge was applied to front and rear body sections and to rigid-cabin frame designs capable of sustaining minimal deformation in crash situations.

Greater attention has been paid to all-round safety design. Details such as a newly designed steering wheel that better absorbs impact, side-door beams, three-point rear seat belts, and a seat-belt warning system have been adopted. Moreover, driver seat supplemental restraint system (SRS) air bags designed to augment seat belts are optional on all models, and non-flammable material is used in the interior.

  1. Reliability and Durability
    To ensure durability and reliability in all climates, an exhaustive re-examination of all the systems and components of the vehicle has been completed.
    The reliability and durability of the body, engine, and other mechanical components has been increased dramatically, and the need for maintenance substantially reduced. This is achieved by using long-life light bulbs, double-lock wiring connector terminals, metal-plated terminals in major circuits, an electronic speedometer (changed from the mechanical cable system used in the past), an all-stainless-steel exhaust pipe, and anti-corrosive steel plates for various chassis parts.

Downloads (Images)

  • Sprinter Sedan SE-G
    Sprinter Sedan SE-G
  • Corolla Levin GT APEX
    Corolla Levin GT APEX
  • Sprinter Trueno GT APE
    Sprinter Trueno GT APE
  • 1991 Corolla (7th generation)
    1991 Corolla (7th generation)
  • 1991 Corolla (7th generation)
    1991 Corolla (7th generation)
  • 1991 Corolla (7th generation)
    1991 Corolla (7th generation)
  • 1991 Corolla (7th generation)
    1991 Corolla (7th generation)