Aug. 08, 1991



Higashi Fuji―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced today it has completed work on a new, normally aspirated Group C car designed to compete in the Sports Car World Championship. All new from the ground up, the TS010, as it has been named, represents more than one-and-a-half years of development effort.

In engineering the car, Toyota has worked to achieve a number of basic objectives, including a low center of gravity, a lightweight and compact design, and superior aerodynamics. Joining the development team as consultant was Mr. Tony Southgate, whose years of racing-car engineering experience played an integral part in the TS010's design.

Toyota TS010 Outline

  1. Engine
    Newly developed, the RV10―a normally aspirated 3.5-liter, V-type, 5-valve 10-cylinder engine―achieves high output and a low center of gravity, while being lightweight and compact.
  2. Body
    Designed to produce strong down-force with low drag, the body boasts a small cockpit with a resin windscreen, a low waistline with compact suspension, an underfloor contour that facilitates smooth air flow, thanks to compact engine mounting, and specially designed upper and lower rear wings.
  3. Chassis
    A wide carbon-composite monocoque enables the chassis to be both lightweight and highly rigid, while enhancing overall safety characteristics. Innovative double-wishbone suspension helps realize improved cornering at high speeds. And a newly developed six-speed transmission results, in ideal front-to-rear weight distribution and excellent maneuverability, thanks to its light weight and forward positioning.

Toyota TS010 Specifications

  1. Engine
Model Toyota RV10
Type V-10, 5-valve, 3.5-liter
Maximum power More than 600ps
Weight Less than 140kg
  1. Body and Chassis
Chassis Carbon-composite
Dimensions Overall length 4,800mm
Overall height 1,030mm
Overall width 2,000mm
Race weight 750kg
Transmission Toyota six-speed
Suspension Front Double wishbone with push-rod-operated spring/damper unit
Rear Double wishbone with push-rod-operated spring/damper unit
Brakes 14" monoblock caliper
(carbon discs and pads)
Wheels Front 17"
Rear 18"
Tires Goodyear