Feb. 26, 1993



Toyota City―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced that it has formulated the Toyota Environmental Action Plan in order to promote environmental protection.

Under the action plan, the company's target date for implementing the new ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant for air conditioning systems in all new car models has been moved ahead one year to the end of 1993. In 1994 parts will be marketed that will allow modification of older air conditioning systems containing the chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) R12 to use the new Rl34a refrigerant.

In January 1992, the company unveiled its environmental policy guidelines in the form of the Toyota Earth Charter. Drawn up by the company's Environmental Committee, the charter describes basic policies of Toyota's environmental activities.

In order realize the goals of the charter, a total of 22 issues for action have been itemized in the Toyota Environmental Action Plan announced today. Key points of the plan are listed below:

  1. Automobile Category
    Reduction of exhaust gases
    • Greater reduction of emission gas level for diesel engine vehicles
    • Development of catalysts for reducing nitrogen oxides and catalysts for oxidization in diesel engines
    Improved fuel economy
    • Early achievement of fuel economy goal by the year 2000
    • Development of lightweight, high-strength materials
    Development of vehicles running on alternative energies
    • Research into practical use of methanol-powered and electric vehicles
    • Cooperation in promotion plans of the Japanese government
    Total elimination of designated CFCs for air conditioners
    • Switch to a new refrigerant scheduled by the end of 1993
    • Modified parts for new refrigerant use in older air conditioners scheduled to be marketed in 1994
    Greater recycling
    • 85% recycling of scrapped vehicles by 1996
  1. Production Category
    Energy conservation/conversion
    • Improvement of energy unit requirement by more than 1%/year
    • Energy use with attention to carbon dioxide stabilization
    Total elimination of CFCs and trichloroethane for production
    • Total elimination of designated CFCs to be completed by August 1992
    • Total elimination of trichloroethane scheduled by the fall of 1995
    Reduction of industrial waste
    • Reduction of waste volume to less than 50% of the 1990 level by the end of 1995
  1. Miscellaneous Category
    Research and proposals on transportation systems
    • Research and proposals on improvements for better traffic flow
    • Development and application of automatic navigation systems
    Expansion and proposals on basic environmental research
    • Research on nitrogen dioxide and acid rain
    Afforestation activities
    • Application of biotechnology for forest revitalization
    • Technology development related to forest management
For a more comprehensive outline of Toyota's environmental efforts, please contact the International Public Affairs Division for a copy of a newly revised (12/92) brochure entitled "Toyota Environmental Programs and Activities."