Sep. 03, 1997

Toyota Launches Fully Remodeled Hilux Pickup

Increased Sporty Flavor to Appeal to Individual Consumers


Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today a full model change of its Hilux one-ton pickup truck and also introduced the new name "Sports Pickup" for its personal use model. All models―those both for commercial and personal use―of the new generation Hilux are available through Toyota dealers nationwide, as well as Tokyo Toyopet dealers in the Tokyo area, and Osaka Toyopet and Toyota Auto dealers in the Osaka area.

The Hilux, a truly global vehicle, is the world's best-selling small pickup truck, having enjoyed great success in Japan and about 140 overseas markets since its debut in 1968.

This completely changed Hilux was designed to be "sporty and tough," with significant attention paid to the cabin, exterior styling, ride, and safety in order to make this a more appealing pickup truck for individual consumers.

  • Hilux Sports Pickup 2WD (with options)
    Hilux Sports Pickup 2WD
    (with options)
  • Hilux Sports Pickup 4WD (with options)
    Hilux Sports Pickup 4WD
    (with options)
Sports Pickup Model
Interior Comfort
  • The cabin is about 30mm higher (all models) and about 50mm longer (double-cab model) than before, thus providing added head clearance and leg room.
  • The instrument panel has been redesigned, with meters and switches designed and arranged for high visibility and ease of operation. Handy storage spaces have been added, such as an upper instrument panel box and a center console box.
  • Quality touches have also been added, such as special front sports seats and matching door trim.
  • The front seats recline to a full flat position (double-cab model).
  • The floor height of the 4WD model has been lowered by about 15mm, making entry and egress easier.
Improved Ride
  • Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) was used to create a rational, high-rigidity body that would better suppress engine noise and vibration. Strategic placement of sound damping, absorbing, and insulation materials has resulted in an outstandingly quiet ride.
  • Wind noise was reduced through design changes such as the flush mount shape.
Sporty Exterior Styling and Colors
  • Strong, solid bumpers (with optional molded protectors) and a wide grille convey the Hilux's sporty identity.
  • Sweeping character lines and taut outside panels provide an active look.
  • There is a choice of seven trendy colors, six of which are new for the Hilux.
New Powertrains
Diesel Engines
  • The newly-developed 3.0-liter 5L engine offers high torque in the often used low-and medium-speed ranges, providing powerful acceleration and a smooth ride.
  • The 2.4-liter 2L-TE engine carried over from previous Hilux models is also available. Its highly efficient turbo charger provides outstanding power performance.
Gasoline Engine
  • The 3Y-E engine has been replaced by the high efficiency 2.0-liter OHC 1RZ-E engine. This provides outstanding take-off and passing acceleration, and has power to spare on the highway.
Chassis and Suspension
  • The front and rear tracks have been increased by 40mm each for added stability when changing lanes or cornering. For improved maneuverability, the turning angle of the tires has been increased, decreasing the minimum turning radius by 0.1m (2WD model).
  • All models are now fitted with a double wishbone front suspension, while the rear leaf spring design used in previous Hilux models is kept.
    Changes in the geometry, meanwhile, have improved both handling and ride stability. The load weight is 250kg, and a softer spring constant provides a more comfortable ride.
Expanded Lineup
2WD Model
  • The new 2WD model, with a cab 30mm higher and 50mm longer than the previous Hilux and with increased power, is designed for personal use. Priced affordably, it will appeal to a wide range of buyers, primarily for on-road driving.
Extra Cab Model
  • Designed for more active uses, with room for two in the rear.
  • Stylish design balances the cabin and deck on a wide body platform: 4,975 x 1,790 x 1,775mm (L x W x H).
  • The front features molded bumper protectors (optional), for a powerful, active look. Large side fenders give the vehicle a distinctive, sporty presence.
  • The long (1,855mm) deck accommodates larger items.
  • The interior has special features, including quarter pockets for maps, coat hooks, and quarter windows with tinted glass.
Top Level of Safety in Its Class
Active Safety
  • Front seats are 30mm higher and instrument positions have been optimized for outstanding driving visibility.
  • Front seats that slide 30mm further than in previous Hilux models and an adjustable seat belt anchor ensure the optimum driving position.
  • An antilock brake system (ABS) to prevent tire lock during emergency braking is standard on all models.
  • The 4WD double-cab deck with its stylish guard bar and high-mount stop lamp make the rear of the new Hilux more visible to drivers from behind.
Passive Safety
  • The Hilux is the first pickup truck with the Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) impact-absorbing body and high-integrity cabin design, providing one of the safest bodies in its class.
  • All models come with a driver-side SRS air bag as standard equipment (passenger-side SRS air bag is optional).
  • Driver and front passenger seat belts with pretensioners and force-limiters are standard on all models. In a head-on collision, these seat belts instantly wind up the slack to increase the amount of restraint on the wearer. Subsequently, a mechanism ensures that the load exerted on the belt does not exceed a certain set value, working together with the air bag to reduce the force on the occupant's chest.
  • Seat belt warning lamp flashes when driver-side seat belt is not worn.
  • Seat belts for securing child seats are provided as standard equipment in the rear left and right seats of all models.
  • Headrests are provided in the rear left and right seats of the double-cab model.
Environmentally Friendly Features
  • High-efficiency engines provide low fuel consumption and save energy.
  • The newly developed 3.0-liter diesel engine (5L) greatly reduces nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions, meeting the latest exhaust emissions regulations In particular, there are almost no visible smoke emissions even when driving at high altitudes, where the most stringent conditions are found.
  • Improved fuel combustion allows less frequent oil changes: every 10,000km (or 12 months) instead of every 5,000km (or 6 months).
  • To save natural resources, easily recycled Toyota Super Olefin Polymer (TSOP) is used for exterior parts, such as the large fenders and balance panels, and for interior parts, such as the instrument panel and door trim
Commercial Model
User-Oriented Features
  • A number of model variations are available to suit any requirement.
  • The single-cab, high-bed model features a flat deck that opens on three sides to enable loading and unloading from any direction.
  • Minimum turning radius has been reduced by 0. lm for maneuverability in tight spaces (2WD model).
  • Rear gate is available either with a one-touch handle release for ease of use or with dual latches for more secure locking.
  • The guard frame is fitted with a stopper as standard equipment for firmly securing lumber or other long items.
Economical Operation
  • Larger fuel tank and better fuel consumption combine for greatly increased driving range.
  • Improved fuel combustion allows less frequent oil changes: every 10,000km (or 12 months) instead of every 5,000km (or 6 months).
  • The high-strength, rust-resistant double wall construction of the deck sides has been carried over from previous Hilux models.
  • ABS is available as an option on all models.
  • Collision safety GOA body design.
  • Driver-side SRS air bag comes as standard (passenger-side SRS air bag optional). Driver and front passenger seatbelts with pretensioners and force-limiters are standard on all models.
TECS Factory Options
For the Sports Pickup Model
Active Base
  • A crane is mounted on the rear for lifting sports gear such as off-road motorbikes.
For the Commercial Model
Power Gate
  • The rear gate has a power lift function, enabling easy handling of cargo weighing up to 400kg.
All-Wooden Deck
  • The truck bed's deck is surfaced entirely of wood to prevent cargo from sliding easily and being damaged.
Sales Information
Monthly sales targets
Sports Pickup Model
1,000 units
Commercial Model
500 units
Dealer announcements
September 13 (Saturday), September 14 (Sunday)

Main Specifications: Toyota Hilux Commercial Models

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  • Hilux Sports Pickup 2WD(with options)
    Hilux Sports Pickup 2WD
    (with options)
  • Hilux Sports Pickup 4WD(with options)
    Hilux Sports Pickup 4WD
    (with options)