Oct. 18, 1995

Toyota to Display New-Generation Sedan "Toyota Prius"
at the 31st Tokyo Motor Show


Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced today that it will display an array of passenger cars, commercial and recreational vehicles―14 special-exhibit cars and 56 production cars from 39 models―and a variety of technical exhibits at the 31st Tokyo Motor Show. The show will be held at the Nippon Convention Center, popularly known as Makuhari Messe, in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture, from October 28 (Sat.) to November 8 (Wed.).

The Tokyo Motor Show enables visitors to explore the automobile's new potential. Toyota always displays a range of special-exhibit cars and its latest technology at this event, reflecting feedback from the event in the vehicles it markets.

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius

Under the theme "A Touch of Happiness," Toyota explores the interrelationships of people;* society, and the earth.
Toyota's basic concept of "making cars that make everyone feel a touch of happiness" will be highlighted in its special-exhibit models: the new-generation sedan Toyota Prius, the Toyota MRJ―a sports car for active lifestyles―the Toyota FLV, Toyota Ipsum, and Granvia Riente models―which provide a broad range of alternative car usage―and the Toyota Moguls, an all-terrain vehicle designed for forestry-management work.

The special-exhibit models are described below.

Overall length (mm)
Overall width (mm)
Overall height (mm)
Engine displacement (cc)
Seating capacity (persons)
Derived from Latin, meaning "ahead, or advanced;" the model is a sedan of the near future with lots of room in a compact body and comfortable to people and to the Earth.
"Midship Runabout Joyful"
"Future Luxury Vehicle"
Derived from Latin, meaning "by itself;" an original shape for the family car is pursued in this model.
Spanish, meaning "cheerful and merry"
Inspired by free-style "mogul" skiers.

In addition to these special-exhibit models, Toyota's commitment to safety and the environment is reflected in its technical exhibits.

Special-Exhibit Models

  1. New-Generation Sedan "Toyota Prius"
    This innovative passenger car's new form is "easy on both people and the environment and makes everyone feel a touch of happiness."
    1. Concrete space in motion, pursuing comfort and convenience
      • "One-form three-box" package ensuring cabin roominess and a compact body
      • A user-friendly multimedia system receives road traffic information, pays toll fees automatically, and exchanges information with other cars.
    2. Toyota Energy Management System (EMS), a new power train system to maximize fuel economy
      • Energy-retrieval (recovery and recycling) control at the optimum engine range for maximum fuel economy and low exhaust emission levels, and a regenerative braking system
      • Improved version of the direct-injection Toyota D-4 gasoline engine, first developed in 1993 for low fuel consumption
      • Continuously variable transmission (CVT), a high-efficiency belt-driven transmission system
      • Induction motor/generator that regenerates braking energy (generator function) and stores it in the capacitor during deceleration, and acts as a motor to assist output during acceleration
      • Power capacitor to temporarily store electric power generated by the motor/generator
    3. Light, safe body structure, and other safety-enhancing equipment
      • Optimized body structure that disperses, transmits, and absorbs collision energy efficiently, and a soft upper passenger compartment interior to reduce injury from secondary impact
      • Emergency braking assist system that helps emergency pedal operation and maximizes antilock braking system (ABS) performance
      • Supplemental restraint system (SRS) air bags at six locations: one each for driver and passenger seats and for both sides of front and rear seats
      • Built-in child seats
  2. New-Generation "Active Lifestyle" Sports Car Toyota MRJ.
    Midship two-plus-two seater providing open-air sports driving pleasure
    1. New midship styling concept
      • Vibrant, dynamic lines suggesting power, with a broad, low, slanted nose, and minimal front and rear overhang
      • Two-plus-two seater cabin space for more versatile seat arrangements providing extra luggage space and adding a new dimension to sports car driving
      • "Aerocabin" combining open sports car and hard top styles
    2. Driving agility typical of midship models, plus greater controllability and driving stability
      • Layout that ensures excellent stability and controllability, superstrut suspension, and active rear wheel steering
      • Steering responsiveness and stability from long wheelbase
      • 1.8-liter, 20-valve, DOHC engine with variable valve timing (WT) securing ample torque at low and medium engine speeds
  3. Future Luxury Toyota FLV
    A new-generation luxury vehicle combining luxury and comfort, and outstanding multipurpose utility for active lifestyles
    1. Exterior appearance and interior space for that look of quality and comfort
      • Oval silhouette design creating a sporty, elegant form suggesting fluidity and substance, with sharp character lines
      • Spacious passenger compartment
      • Seats with optimal height, ample leg room, and head clearance for natural posture
    2. Pursuing greater utility
      • Long, wide passenger compartment offering utility and practicality unprecedented in a luxury saloon
  4. "Friendly Saloon" Ipsum
    Multipurpose compact seven-passenger family car
    1. Cabin layout that can be changed to fit the usage and the number of occupants
      • Flexible seating arrangements, including two bed configurations
      • Easy walk-through from front seats to second seats; second seat mounted on a long (345mm) slide
    2. Greater family-car convenience
      • Compact and easy to handle
      • Seat heights offer easy entry and exit
    3. New styling theme
      • Distinctive one-motion styling
  5. Comfortable Semi-Bonnet Van Granvia Riente
    Multifunctional MPV "for everyone" with a broad range of car-use alternatives
    1. Advanced design balancing dynamism and firmness
      • Semi-bonnet styling, low-slung body for stability, all-glass canopy-type sunroof, and roof spoiler
    2. Comfortable cabin that allows versatility and ease of use
      • Spacious living-room-style interior
      • Electric-powered slide-down seat enabling elderly and physically challenged passengers to easily enter and exit the vehicle
      • 'Shuttle console' mounted on an extra-long slide for easy reach, having a fold-down table, a warmer/cooler, and an upper tray
      • Canopy-type opening and tilting sunroof and detachable swing hanger for attaching outdoor equipment
  6. Forest Worker Toyota Moguls
    Mountain-terrain vehicle developed as part of the "Forest of Toyota Project"―a plan to help find better ways of preserving and nurturing our forests―to lighten the workload of forestry workers
    1. Excellent driving power and active vehicle posture control
      • A horizontal control function to keep the vehicle body level, a long-stroke vehicle height adjustment function, and a ground control pressure control function all assist driving on rough terrain, inclines, and bumpy roads
      • Sharp turning ability enabling a small turning radius
      • Four-wheel independent hydraulic suspension with hydraulic wheel-motor driving each wheel drive
      • Standard wheels replaceable by four-wheel independent rubber-track triangular-shaped units to increase driving performance on soft ground
    2. Equipment and systems to assure safety
      • Vehicle posture and stability monitor, warning and automatic stopping function; central driving seat for excellent visibility
      • Super-slow slope decent function for safely traversing steep slopes without demanding pedal work
  7. Cynos Convertible
    A Cynos-based, two-plus-two convertible―with an easy-to-operate soft top―realizing pleasant open-air driving.
  8. Fun Runner II
    A new sports utility vehicle (SUV) with stylish body, sporty exterior, outstanding safety, and passenger-car-feel cabin
  9. Custom Taxi Models Crown Comfort and Comfort
    Spacious interior, large-opening rear door, clean and large trunk room, excellent passenger comfort, drivability, reliability, and many maintenance functions that can be carried out by drivers, which respect resource conservation and recycling
  10. Motor Sports
    Introducing Toyota's motor sports activities both in Japan and overseas to improve motor vehicle technology
    • Celica GT-Four for WRC Group A racing
    • Corona EXiV Super Touring Car
    • Vehicle scheduled to race in the IndyCar racing series

Technical Exhibits

  1. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
    A revolutionary traffic control system now being researched and developed for early implementation by a joint government, academic, and industry effort, including Toyota
    • Car navigation and traffic information utilizing the Vehicle Information and Communication System (VICS)
    • Road traffic management system, including automatic toll collection without the vehicle having to stop
    • Automatic driving system technologies (lane tracking system and an obstacle avoidance function)
  2. Toyota Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV)
    The Toyota ASV, completed in March 1995, realizes a high level of both active and passive safety. It is also the first such vehicle to be introduced. The display shows these advanced safety technologies.
    • Preventive safety, e.g., drowsy-driving warning system and automatic headlight arrangement system
    • Avoiding accidents, e.g., automatic collision-reduction braking system and SOS vehicle stop system
    • Minimizing collision damage, e.g., side and hood air bag systems
    • Minimizing post-collision damage, e.g., accident reporting system and drive recorder system
  3. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) System
    Lateral skids caused by sudden steering changes, sudden changes in road conditions, etc., contributing to accidents are controlled by the braking of each wheel and adjustment of engine output. VSC is used in the new Crown Majesta i-Four.
  4. Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (WT-i) System
    This innovative development for the new Crown's 2JZ-GE engine helps conserve resources and prevent global warming. Continuous control of intake valve opening and closing assures optimum valve timing for all driving conditions and boosts fuel economy and reduces NOx and hydrocarbon emissions.

Exhibits at Japan Electric Vehicle Association Section

  1. Electric Vehicle―RAV4 EV
    Easier-to-use RAV4-based electric car with superior driving performance and greater range. Batteries can be charged from household power sources. Under-floor battery storage enlarges cabin space and enhances vehicle stability. The exhibited vehicle won the 1995 Scandinavian Electric Car Rally.
  2. Hybrid Electric Bus―Coaster Hybrid EV
    Microbus with 1.3-liter gasoline engine generator and high-performance electric motor developed for city driving.
    Also equipped with wheelchair lift
  1. Toyota has scheduled a press briefing at the section for passenger cars and recreational vehicles from 10:30 to 11:00 A.M. on Wednesday, October 25.
  2. Coinciding with the 31st Tokyo Motor Show, Toyota will open the Toyota Internet Drive on Wednesday October 25 on the Internet, the world's largest computer network, to provide information on the Motor Show. The address for its home page is http://www.toyota.co.jp

Attachment I
List of Toyota Vehicles at Tokyo Motor Show
  1. Section for Passenger Cars and Recreational Vehicles
    1. Toyota Prius (special exhibit)
    2. Toyota MRJ (special exhibit)
    3. Toyota FLV (special exhibit)
    4. Toyota Ipsum (special exhibit)
    5. Celica GT-Four WRC Group A car (special exhibit)
    6. Corona EXiV Super Touring Car (special exhibit)
    7. Model to take part in IndyCar racing series (special exhibit)
    8. Cynos convertible (special exhibit)
    9. RAV4 EV, Scandinavian Electric Car Rally-winning car (*1) (special exhibit)
    10. Century L-Type
    11. Celsior C-Type
    12. Crown Majesta 4.0 C-Type i-Four
    13. Crown four-door hardtop 3.0 Royal Saloon G, with GPS voice-navigation system and Electro-Multi-Vision
    14. Aristo 3.0V
    15. Avalon 3.0G
    16. Windom 3.0G
    17. Scepter sedan 2.2
    18. Mark II Hardtop 2.5 Grande G
    19. Chaser 2.5 Tourer V
    20. Cresta 2.5 Super Lucent G
    21. Vista hardtop 2000VX, with G package
    22. Camry 2 0 0 0 ZX
    23. Toyota Cavalier sedan 2.4G
    24. Corona sedan 2.0 EX Saloon G
    25. Carina sedan 1.8 SX-i
    26. Corolla sedan 1.5 SE saloon, with G package
    27. Sprinter sedan 1.5 SE-Vintage
    28. Tercel four-door VX 1500 EFI
    29. Corsa VIT-X 1500 EFI, with saloon package
    30. Corolla II with special specifications (Super Windy)
    31. Soarer 3.0GT, with G package
    32. Supra RZ
    33. Toyota Cavalier coupe 2.4Z
    34. Celica SS-III
    35. Corona EXiV 2000 GT, with "Touring" version
    36. Carina ED GT, with "Exciting" version
    37. Curren ZS, with "Sports Selection"
    38. MR2 GT with T-bar roof
    39. Corolla Ceres F-Type, with "Extra" package
    40. Corolla Levin BZ-G
    41. Sprinter Marino X-Type, with "Extra" package
    42. Sprinter Trueno BZ-G
    43. Cynos 1.3 a, with Juno package
    44. Scepter station wagon 2.2G
    45. Caldina 4WD 2.0 TZ-G
    46. Sprinter Carib Z touring
    47. Granvia 2.IQ, with twin moon roof
    48. Estima 4WD, with twin moon roof
  2. Section Commercial Vehicles and Recreational Vehicles
    1. Granvia Riente (special exhibit)
    2. Toyota Moguls (special exhibit)
    3. Fun Runner II (special exhibit)
    4. Crown Comfort (*2) (special exhibit)
    5. Comfort (*3) (special exhibit)
    6. Corolla wagon G Touring 1.6 4WD
    7. Sprinter Carib Z Touring, with RV package
    8. Granvia 3.0 diesel turbo Q
    9. RAV4 L "Personal Selection"
    10. RAV4 L V "Touring Limited" special edition
    11. RAV4 J "Personal Selection"
    12. RAV4 J V
    13. Land Cruiser 80 Active Vacation VX Limited, with 4200 diesel turbo
    14. Land Cruiser four-door Prado SX Wide
    15. Hiace wagon Super Custom Limited with 2WD 3000 diesel turbo EFI
    16. Dyna aluminum van S with storage lift
    17. Toyoace, heat-insulated van
    18. Townace Handy Cab, with side lift seats
    19. Liteace Handy Cab, with side lift seats
    20. Hiace Handy Cab I-Type
    21. Estima Lucida Charme, with B specifications
    22. Hiace cruising cabin S 4WD
Exhibited October 25-27
Exhibited October 25-November 2
Exhibited November 3-8

Exhibition times for others vehicles will vary.

  1. Section for Japan Electric Vehicle Association Exhibits
    1. RAV4 EV (special exhibit)
    2. Coaster Hybrid EV (special exhibit)

Attachment II
Toyota Internet Drive

Toyota Motor Corporation will open its home page, "Toyota Internet Drive," on the worldwide Internet information network in conjunction with the opening of the 31st Tokyo Motor Show. By disseminating information from the new home page, the company intends to communicate more effectively with the international community and to match the current stage of communications development in this age of global networks.

Overview of Toyota Internet Drive Home Page

  1. Start of Information Provision
    Wednesday, October 25, 1995
  2. Address (or Name of URL)
  3. Basic Ideas Behind Information Provision
    1. To introduce Toyota's general business activities in an easy-to-understand way
    2. To provide varied and valuable information on Toyota vehicles
    3. To provide high quality information that is intellectually stimulating
  4. Toyota Internet Drive Configuration
    The home page will consist of the following seven areas
    1. Spotlight (featuring the 31st Tokyo Motor Show)
      Introduces Toyota's displays at the show, including concept cars.
    2. Virtual Showroom
      Introduces the full lineup of Toyota vehicles, including new models.
    3. The Museums
      Provides information on Toyota's cultural facilities, including the Toyota Automobile Museum and data on exhibits.
    4. Toyota Today & Tomorrow
      Includes a profile of the company by introducing Toyota's domestic and international business activities.
    5. Data Center
      Provides data on the present condition of overseas and domestic automobile industries.
    6. Community Plaza
      Offers information on social and cultural events held by Toyota.
    7. Toyota University
      Features seminars and on-line symposia on vehicles from a broad social and cultural perspective.

Toyota Internet Drive

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    Toyota Prius