Dec. 19, 1995



Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced today that it has launched the Crown Comfort in the medium-sized taxi class and the Comfort in the small taxi class. Marketing of both models, which are exclusively for taxi use, started nationwide today.

To meet today's needs, the Crown Comfort and Comfort have been developed so as to be highly practical, provide superb comfort for both passengers and drivers, and save energy and natural resources.

Principal features of the new models
  1. Very functional yet refined, sophisticated exterior design
  2. Interior space ensuring a comfortable ride, and easy entry and exit
  3. Ergonomic design minimizing driver fatigue
  4. Saving of energy and resources through low fuel consumption and ease of repair
  • Crown Comfort Standard
    Crown Comfort Standard
  • Comfort Standard
    Comfort Standard
  1. Exterior
    Its refined, sophisticated exterior design also provides a high functionality
    appropriate for taxis.
    • While staying within the small- and medium-size automobile category, the overall size and high roof (overall height: 1,515mm) provide a spacious cabin and trunk suitable for taxi use.
    • The Crown Comfort's overall dimensions of 4,695mm (L) x 1,695mm (W) are within the medium-sized taxi category, while the Comfort's overall 4,590mm length is within the small-sized taxi category.
  2. Interior
    Interior design significantly increases riding comfort and ease of entry and exit,
    while providing and ensuring high levels of safety.
    • The cabin―much more spacious than existing taxis―allows for a high head clearance and generous leg room. Interior dimensions are 2,060mm (L)―Comfort: 1,955mm (L)―1,455mm (W), and 1,255mm (H).
    • Wide-opening doors and rounded seat edges enable passengers to enter and exit with ease. Flatter rear seats and a low propeller-shaft bulge permit easier sideways movement for exit and egress.
    • A quiet cabin is possible thanks to the highly rigid body structure and effective use of vibration damping, sound-absorbing and sound insulating materials. The long wheelbase and excellent suspension of both models provide a smooth, comfortable ride.
    • Collision-safety levels meet the latest domestic safety requirements for front and rear collisions and future European side-impact requirements.
    • The spacious trunk―431 liters (VDA)―has under-floor storage space for tools and other items, leaving an uncluttered trunk space. The trunk is fully lined to prevent damage to luggage.
    • Wheelchairs can be carried either on the rear seat or in the trunk.
  3. Ergonomics
    To minimize driver fatigue, ergonomic design has been applied to ensure the
    optimum driving position, visibility, instrument operation, and ease of cleaning,
    among other criteria.
    • To minimize fatigue, the driver's seat is raised and includes a fully adjustable seat back. The seat is also designed to provide excellent lumbar support and comes standard with two-way vertical adjustment to meet the driver's precise requirements.
    • The smooth running engines are noted for their excellent torque characteristics in the low- and medium-speed ranges which, together with the outstanding chassis design, provide superb drivability and riding comfort consistently over long periods of driving time.
    • Exterior design ensures that each corner is visible to the driver, and a low belt line gives a high level of sideways visibility.
    • The specially designed instrument panel provides easy use of the fare meter, receipt printer, and communications radio.
    • The smooth contours of the interior makes the cabin easy to clean. Seat covers are easily removed for cleaning.
  4. Environment considerations
    To save energy and resources and reduce operating costs, the vehicles feature low
    fuel consumption and easily replaceable parts for frequently damaged items.
    • The three engines available are
      Engine model
      3Y-PE/in-line four-cylinder
      Displacement (cc)
      Max. power (PS/rpm)
      Max. torque (kg-m/rpm)
      Crown Comfort/Comfort
      Engine model
      1G-GPE/in-line six-cylinder
      Displacement (cc)
      Max. power (PS/rpm)
      Max. torque (kg-m/rpm)
      Crown Comfort
      Engine model/type
      2L-TE/in-line four-cylinder
      Diesel turbo
      Displacement (cc)
      Max. power (PS/rpm)
      Max. torque (kg-m/rpm)
    • Bumpers and lamps―those items most frequently damaged―have been designed for easy replacement. Bumpers have been divided into upper and lower sections, and lenses and lamps can be separated easily from the body. This enables the driver to repair them as necessary using a minimum number of replacement parts.

Sales Outline

Both the Crown Comfort and Comfort models are available from Toyota dealers nationwide (Tokyo Toyopet and Tokyo dealers in Tokyo; Osaka Toyopet dealers in Osaka).

Monthly sales targets
Crown Comfort1,300 units
Comfort700 units

Main Specifications: CROWN COMFORT and COMFORT

Downloads (Images)

  • Crown Comfort Standard
    Crown Comfort Standard
  • Comfort Standard
    Comfort Standard