May. 19, 2000

New RAV4s Take "Stylish and Rugged" Concept to Higher Level


Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION'S redesigned RAV4 L and RAV4 J sports utility vehicles (SUVs) preserve the best of the original smart-looking urban SUV concept, then venture out into new dimensions of design, performance and safety excellence. The new models were released today through Toyota Corolla and Netz dealers nationwide.

Toyota launched the RAV4 L and RAV4 J in 1994. These SUVs achieved dazzling popularity for their combination of performance demanded for the great outdoors with city driving sophistication. The RAV4 L and RAV4 j were created for looks, ride and enjoyment.

While keeping alive the original concept, the new RAV4 L and RAV4 J, with "stylish and rugged" their key theme, have been redesigned as high-prestige small SUVs that will set standards in all areas for the 21st century. With newly developed features from the platform up, they offer more sophisticated styling and ample interior space in a compact body. The engine and suspension have been completely updated for dramatic improvements in power, driving performance and quietness. Safety performance has been raised and environmental standards improved to meet the needs of the next generation.

  • RAV4 L (2WD 3-door) X[TA-ZCA25W-AZPNK(L)]
    RAV4 L (2WD 3-door) X
  • RAV4 J (4WD 5-door) AERO SPORT[TA-ACA21W-AWMCH(J)]
    RAV4 J (4WD 5-door) AERO SPORT

Unmatched features

Advanced features bring unexcelled levels of safety, aesthetic appeal, environmental friendliness, handling and power performance. Both the three-and five-door models have a high-quality feel with a tasteful interior and exterior design. New packaging, a longer seat sliding range and various rear seat configurations for a number of applications result in a roomy interior that is both functional and comfortable.

The RAV4's newly developed 2.0-liter direct fuel injection 1AZ-FSE engine and 1.8-liter 1ZZ-FE engine both provide outstanding power performance with low fuel consumption. The new platform, new suspension and full-time 4WD create an energetic but comfortable ride both on road and off.

ABS, with EBD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), and a brake assist function are standard on all models, and the latest GOA* collision-protection know-how ensures a high level of safety.

Full consideration was given to environmental protection in the design of the new RAV4 L and RAV4 J. Some models meet new fuel consumption standards set to go into effect in 2010, and all meet emission levels 25% below the 2000 levels set by Japan's Environment Agency to qualify as low-emission vehicles.

*Global Outstanding Assessment: a world-class safety evaluation

Tasteful interior and exterior design: functional, comfortable and roomy for high-quality feel

Sporty exterior creates modern, stylish and rugged image

The wide and low exterior combines curves and straight lines and features large-diameter tires and a short overhang.

The front makes a strong, individual statement, with an imposing grille and uniquely-shaped multi-reflector headlights that wrap around to the side. At the rear, the spare tire cover blends into the surrounding back door, and the combination lamps wrap around to the sides, for a stable, sure-footed look.

The profile of the three-door model has lines that run from the flowing front fender to the forcefully projecting rear fender, creating a sporty feeling. Meanwhile, the five-door model has a dynamic profile achieved by a combination of a powerful front/rear fender design with character lines created by cutaway surfaces.

Interior integrates style and utility

The instrument panel is easy to read and use, with switches and other controls positioned on molded parts that flow to the left and right from a center cluster that has a strong design theme. It also features three stylish raised readout meters in white.

Sporty door trim uses metallic colors and dimples. Raised fabric ornamentation encompassing door grips and arm rests add a touch of class.

Extended wheelbase creates roomier cabin

Although the three-and five-door models are only 45mm and 30mm longer than their predecessors, respectively, their wheelbases have been extended by 80mm, creating a roomy interior space, while the minimum turning radius has been reduced for enhanced mobility.

Front seats have a 240mm slide mechanism and a 45mm vertical lifter that can be adjusted to suit each rider's physique, offering more comfort. Rear seats have a 150mm slide mechanism, and can be folded down to create the largest luggage space in this class of vehicle. One or both of the rear seats can be folded down or removed, allowing a variety of configurations for a number of applications.

Body rigidity has been increased, and damping and sound-proofing materials used in various parts of the vehicle result in outstanding quietness.

The variety of storage compartments includes a console box that can hold up to 12 CDs, an overhead console box for sunglasses, a storage space below the floor of the rear deck, accessory holders handy for tickets or cards, and cup holders. Additionally, a handy package tray enables the luggage space to be divided into an upper and lower compartment (standard on principal grades of the five-door version). There is also an accessory plug that can be used for electric appliances of up to 12 VDC/120 W.

A Multi-AV Station II (option) can be installed in the top section of the center cluster, ensuring high visibility and ease of operation.

Energetic but comfortable ride both on road and off

The RAV4 has a newly developed 2.0-liter BEAMS 1AZ-FSE D-4 engine featuring the new airflow-independent stratified combustion concept. Designed for even greater combustion efficiency and a wider lean burn combustion zone, it achieves groundbreaking low fuel consumption. When used together with WT-i*, the new engine enables an energetic but comfortable ride from low to high rpms.

*Variable Valve Timing-intelligent: a continuously variable valve timing mechanism

Features such as VVT-i, a high compression ratio (10.0) and a diagonal squish fuel chamber make the BEAMS 1ZZ-FE engine easy to handle at full torque. Structural components such as the aluminum block and resin intake manifolds make the engine lightweight.

The Super ECT automatic transmission, high efficiency torque converter, flex lock-up system and flexible and high-response control system enable low fuel consumption and smooth and responsive driving performance.

The chassis incorporates new front and rear suspension designs, with independent MacPherson strut suspension in the front and a double-wishbone rear suspension. The optimized geometry of the chassis works in concert with the highly rigid body to create outstanding handling/driving stability and a dynamic, yet smooth, ride.

4WD models use full-time 4WD, with a viscous-coupling LSD combined with the center differential, for outstanding driving stability and all-terrain ability. A torque-sensor LSD rear differential is available as an option. This LSD distributes the correct amount of drive torque to the left and right wheels according to road surface conditions.

Latest in advanced safety features: handling/driving stability ensures high level of danger avoidance

Outstanding braking performance has been achieved by distributing the braking force to the front/rear wheels to precisely match changes in load due to load shifting or deceleration. Standard features on all models include ABS, with EBD, and a brake assist function that increases ABS effectiveness. ABS with EBD has various functions to help maintain vehicle stability during cornering or emergency maneuvering.

Rain-clearing door mirrors and water-repelling front door glass are standard on some grades. The rain-clearing door mirrors make water droplets cling to the surface as a film, so that visibility is not impaired. The mirrors also have a photocatalytic effect that breaks up organic matter to prevent surface dirt buildup. The water-repelling front door glass improves lateral visibility.

All models use the latest collision-safe GOA bodies, and have passed increased-speed collision tests: 64km/h for the 40% lap offset front collision test, and 55km/h for the full lap front collision test and side and rear collision tests.

Standard features on all models include driver seat and front passenger seat SRS air bags and seat belts with pretensioners and force limiters, as well as warning indicators that flash when seat belts are not properly fastened.

Collision-absorbing ribs in pillars and roof side rails ensure interior safety equal to that outlined in U.S. head impact protection standards.

Front seat design incorporates the WIL (Whiplash Injury Lessening) concept, lessening the shock to occupants' necks during a collision from the rear.

A specially designed underbody and brake pedal attachment help prevent the brake pedal being forced back into the vehicle interior during a front-end collision, thus reducing shock to the driver's legs.

Caring about the environment

All models are designed to reduce CO2 emissions and boast some of the best fuel economy in their class. Models with the 2.0-liter BEAMS 1AZ-FSE D-4 engine (1,500kg equivalent inertia weight) comply with new fuel consumption standards that are to take effect in 2010 (making RAV4 L and RAV4 J buyers eligible for reduced tax at the time of purchase1).

All models meet the new emissions regulations that will take effect in October 2000 (making RAV4 L and RAV4 buyers eligible for reduced tax at the time of purchase2), with HC and NOx emissions more than 25% lower than the regulated levels. With emissions 25% below the 2000 levels, all models also meet emissions standards set by Japan's Environment Agency for designation as low-emission vehicles.

1,2If both these tax reductions apply to a vehicle, the purchaser must select one.

In the area of recycling, Toyota Super Olefin Polymer (TSOP), an easily-recycled thermoplastic resin, is used extensively throughout the interior and exterior, in parts such as the front/rear bumpers, instrument panel and pillar garnish.

RSPP (recycled sound-proofing products) is used in the floor silencer. RSPP is a high-performance sound-proofing material recycled from the shredder residue left over when scrap vehicles are shredded.

The radiator, wire harness covering material and electrodeposition paint are lead-free.

Flexible Welcab Features

As the first SUV Welcab models, the Lift-Up Front Passenger Seat Models (Type A, Type B), have been added to the lineup. These have a passenger seat which can be rotated 100 degrees, and a switch that raises and lowers the front passenger seat outside the vehicle, enabling easy ingress and egress.

On Type B, a power storage device for loading and unloading a wheelchair to and from the luggage space is standard.

Sales Outline
Sales Outlets
Toyota Corolla Dealers nationwide (RAV4 L)
Toyota Netz Dealers nationwide (RAV4 J)
Monthly sales target
3,500 units (combined)

Main Specifications: RAV4L
Main Specifications: RAV4J

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  • RAV4 L (2WD 3-door) X [TA-ZCA25W-AZPNK(L)]
    RAV4 L (2WD 3-door) X
  • RAV4 J (4WD 5-door) AERO SPORT [TA-ACA21W-AWMCH(J)]
    RAV4 J (4WD 5-door) AERO SPORT