Sep. 18, 1998

Toyota Celebrates 10 Years of Production in Canada


Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) celebrated its 10th year of production in Canada at the Cambridge, Ontario plant of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC) on September 17 (local time).
In the last 10 years, the Cambridge plant has produced nearly 800,000 vehicles, growing from a plant producing 153 vehicles in its first year into a two-model plant, with 2,600 employees, that has an annual production capacity of nearly 200,000 vehicles.

TMMC was established in January 1986, and began producing Corolla sedans for the North American market in November 1988. In October 1995, it also began producing engines for installation in Corollas produced at the plant. In November, 1994, TMMC announced plans for the expansion of its vehicle production facilities. The No. 2 Plant, completed in August of 1997, now produces new model Corollas, thus completing localization of production for all Corollas for the North American market. Meanwhile, the No. 1 Plant, which discontinued Corolla production when operations began at the No. 2 Plant, started production in June of this year on TMMC's second model, the mid-size 2-door coupe Camry Solara.

Attending the celebration were Industry Minister John Manley, Japanese Ambassador Katsuhisa Uchida and Ontario government representative Bill Saunderson along with TMC President Hiroshi Okuda and TMMC President Takanori Sakaue.


  1. Location
    1055 Fountain Street North, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada N3H 5K2
  2. Production Models
    Camry Solara
    Corolla Sedan
    4 cylinder 1.8L engine for Corollas
  3. Production Capacity
    nearly 200,000 units annually
  4. Capital
    680 million Canadian dollars (100% TMC investment)
  5. Established
    January 24, 1986
  6. Production Start
    November 30, 1988
  7. Employees
    About 2,600 (as of the end of July, 1998)
  8. Capital Investment
    C$2.2 billion (as of 1998)
  9. Annual Production
    108,953 units (1997 results)

Toyota Celebrates
Ten Years of Building
Cars in Canada

Cambridge, Ontario, September 17, 1998
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC) today celebrated its 10th year of production in Canada with a party at the Cambridge plant. TMMC has more than doubled in size, capacity and employment since it began operations in 1988. This year, the company also added a second model to its lineup―the brand new Camry Solara. Since beginning production in late 1988, the Cambridge plant has produced nearly 800,000 cars, mostly Corolla sedans, but Solara as well since June 29.

Industry Minister John Manley, Japanese Ambassador Katsuhisa Uchida and Ontario government representative Bill Saunderson joined Toyota Motor Corporation President Hiroshi Okuda and all of TMMC's former presidents for an afternoon of celebration.

President Okuda, who was recently named co-chair of the Canada-Japan Business Conference, said it is his hope that Canada continues to do its best to ensure, enhance and maintain an open and fairtrade investment environment.

TMMC, he added, is one of Toyota's most important production bases in North America. "In the last 10 years, TMMC has strengthened itself by consistently providing the highest quality products to North American customers. Based on the strong foundation that has been built here over the past decade, I am confident TMMC's future is very bright."

TMMC President Takanori Sakaue added, "Thanks to the strong support of the government and local community, and the dedication of our over 2,600 team members, TMMC has grown from a plant that produced 153 cars ten years ago, to a two-model plant that will build over 170,000 cars this year."


10TH anniversary celebration

Event Schedule

3:15 p.m.
Media Briefing
3:30 p.m.
Plant tour
4:15 p.m.
Move to the tent for the 10th Anniversary event
4:30 p.m.
Opening music, guests find seats
4:45 p.m.
Ceremony begins
  • Opening address by Mr. Don McFalls, TMMC Vice President
  • Hon. John Manley, Minister of Industry (fed. gov't)
  • Mr. William Saunderson, International Corporation Chairman & MPP-Eglinton, introduces video of Hon.
    Michael Harris, Premier of Ontario
  • His Excellency Katsuhisa Uchida, Japanese Ambassador to Canada
  • Mr. Hiroshi Okuda, Toyota Motor Corporation President
  • Video and interview segment
  • Closing address by Mr. Takanori Sakaue, TMMC President
5:30 p.m.
Ceremony ends, guests leave