Nov. 29, 1999

Toyota's New RAV4L V EV Features Inductive Charging

Cumulative RAV4-based Production Reaches 1,000


Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) unveiled today the RAV4L V (five) EV, an inductive charging system electric vehicle boasting the world's smallest charging components.

The newly-developed inductive charging system*, which does not require an onboard charger, has been under joint development by TMC and General Motors Corp. (GM) since June 1998 with the aim of establishing a global standard. The system is based on GM's "Magne Charge" inductive charging technology. TMC and GM worked jointly to decrease the size and weight of the system's paddles (on the charger side) and charge ports (on the vehicle side), leading to unprecedented compactness for an electric vehicle charging system.

TMC and GM also developed and began sales of two kinds of small, inductive chargers―a wall-mounted type and a ground-mounted type.

And to make charging easier, the RAV4L V EV features a release switch near the bottom of its control panel for opening the vehicle-front inductive charge lid with just one touch from inside the passenger cabin.

The RAV4 EV, which went into production in September 1996, reached a cumulative production of 1,000 units on Nov.19. Of the total, 290 were produces for use in japan and 710 produced for use in the United States, where TMC in April became the first automaker to complete its commitment under the California electric vehicle demo program**.

Sales of the RAV4L V EV start today through Toyota Corolla dealers nationwide.

*inductive charging system
In contrast to existing conductive charging systems (conduct type), the inductive charging system is a non-contact type that supplies electric power from an external charger through electromagnetic induction.
**Demo program
A program based on an agreement between the California Air Resources Board and seven automobile manufacturers to sell and evaluate the practicality of electric vehicles with advanced batteries from the fall of 1997 to 2000. Toyota was given a sales quota of 322 RAV4 EVs.
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