Basic Policy

Toyota's employees form the bedrock of stable business. Our philosophy toward our employees is institutionalized as The Toyota Way in Human Resources Management.

The aim of the Toyota Way in Human Resources Management is to realize management with respect for people, namely, providing all employees with opportunities to achieve social contribution and self-realization through their work, and enabling them to exercise their abilities to think, to be creative, and to perform. To achieve this, a relationship of mutual trust and mutual responsibility between labor and management is essential. The company gives the highest priority to ensuring stable employment and strives to improve labor conditions, while all employees execute their duties and responsibilities for the prosperity of the company. This philosophy is shared by all Toyota affiliates around the world. Each region's unique characteristics are reflected and implemented in management and other policies. Toyota believes that these initiatives enable management with respect for people, while also garnering customer satisfaction and social contribution, enabling sustainable growth of both the company and society.

Health and Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of its employees is positioned as one of Toyota's most important longstanding business activities, and will continue to be so going forward.

Philosophy for health and safety

The physical and mental health of our employees is the driving force behind our good performance, and our top management has announced that Toyota aims to become a health-first company. For safety, under its basic safety and health philosophy, "Safe work is the gate to all work. Let us pass through this gate," Toyota is disseminating its strong desire for its employees to never be involved in occupational accidents.

Health and safety function policy

Aiming to develop human resources and workplaces capable of positively thinking and taking action to safeguard their health and safety, Toyota is promoting the instillation and deepening of its interactive health and safety culture on a global scale.

Human Resource Development

Toyota is committed to developing human resources based on the philosophy that "Monozukuri is about Developing People." For sustainable growth to occur, daily improvements led by human wisdom is fundamental. In order to deliver on our philosophies of "Ever-better Cars" and "Customer First," all employees need to share the same core values across cultures and customs. Aiming for sustainable growth, Toyota promotes human resources development that incorporates global on-the-job training, rooted in the Toyota Way.

Diversity and Inclusion

Toyota's strengths lie in our capacity to respect our employees' abilities to think and promote reforms involving every member. Toward the transformation from a car company into a mobility company to leverage recent technical innovations centered on CASE, this capacity is growing increasingly important as we continue to create innovations steadily in existing areas while taking on challenges in new areas, and are required more than ever to provide products and services from diverse viewpoints of various members of society.

Amid such an environment, Toyota considers diversity and inclusion to be one of the key elements of our business infrastructure, and we are working to create an attractive workplace where employees with wide-ranging skills and values, irrespective of gender, age, nationality, race, ethnicity, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status or the presence of children, can demonstrate their abilities to the fullest and achieve self-realization.

In order to become a company that is needed and chosen by society, we are promoting collaboration with a wide variety of partners both inside and outside the company while putting into practice the values Toyota has embraced since our founding, such as the attitude of humbly learning and taking on challenges from the customer's viewpoint.

Action Plan to Promote Female Employee Participation in the Workplace

Toyota positions the promotion of diversity in the workplace as a critical management strategy, and is undertaking measures to enable a diverse workforce to work with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. To promote female employee participation in the workplace, Toyota takes measures to support a work-life balance, such as developing work environments that enable women to continue working with confidence while performing childcare or nursing care duties.

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