Toyota positions the promotion of diversity in the workplace as a critical management strategy and is undertaking measures to enable a diverse workforce to work with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose. To promote employee participation in the workplace, Toyota is taking measures to support a work-life balance, such as creating work environments that enable employees to continue working with confidence in parallel with childcare or nursing care duties.

The Promotion of Female Employee Participation and Advancement in the Workplace Toyota Motor Corporation Action Plan

Toyota's plan to build an environment to promote women's participation in the workplace

  1. Implementation Period

April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025

  1. Provision of work-life opportunities for female employees

  1. Our Challenge
    The ratio of females in managerial positions is low (continuation of our activity from 2016-2020 is necessary).
  2. Target
    "The number of females in managerial positions in 2014 to be increased fourfold by 2025, and fivefold by 2030"
  3. Our Course of Action
    To maintain certain hiring rates for female graduates (40% or above for administrative positions and 10% or above for engineering positions) and active hiring of women throughout the year [continuation from before 2020]
    System Development
    The creation of a system that reports on the progress of female training in each department to our board members [from 2020]
    Employee Training
    The development and implementation of a plan for individual employee training [continuation from before 2020]
    The utilization of a mentoring system [from 2020]
    Host a global women's conference and symposium that the managerial class and female promotion candidates can participate in [from 2019]

  1. Creation of a supportive environment to balance work and family life

  1. Our Challenge
    The teleworking system is not utilized enough yet.
  2. Target
    "To increase users of the teleworking system to more than 50 percent of all employees (except for production workers and managers) by 2025, irrespective of whether teleworking for childcare or nursing purposes"
  3. Our Course of Action
    The creation of an environment that supports the use of teleworking, and informing our employees
    Expansion of use of IT tools so that there is no big difference between working in the office and teleworking [from 2020]
    Cultural Transformation
    Transformation to a work culture that does not make teleworking an inconvenience or a hindrance [from 2020]

Advancement Measures in Support of Raising the Next Generation of Children Toyota Motor Corporation Action Plan

  1. Period

April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2025

  1. Contents

Aim 1
Promote active participation by all members, focusing on diversity, growth, and contribution as three pillars


  • Further enhancing labor-management communications to encourage growth and active participation of diverse human resources, including those who are balancing work and childcare
  • Implementing measures to further promote "honest dialogue" between managers and their subordinates
  • Introducing an evaluation system that places emphasis not on length of service or academic background but on current capabilities and challenges
  • Reinforcing resources to ensure diversity and reserve the capacity for taking on challenges
Aim 2
Create an environment where employees can balance work and life, childcare, and nursing care regardless of gender
  • Easing the applicable conditions for working shorter hours for childcare (school year limit, etc.)
  • Creating an environment in which partner childcare leave is available to all those who desire
    • Conducting seminars to encourage employees to take childcare leave regardless of gender
    • Providing data on results and trends of male employees' participation in childcare
    • Providing experience reports of employees who have taken childcare leave
  • Enhancing diversity training for all employees
Aim 3
Create an environment that enables balancing of work and fertility treatment
  • Familiarizing employees with the system to support balancing work and fertility treatment (leave of absence) and establishing a consultation service
  • Providing information to promote workplace understanding of fertility treatment
Aim 4
Extend usership of support facilities and infrastructure to external staff
  • Promoting mutual use of intra-company day-care centers among Group companies
  • Promoting use of day-care facilities for sick children by informing local residents (in Toyota City) other than employees