Environmental Initiatives

Ensuring beautiful hometowns and a beautiful world are preserved well into the future

Since its foundation, Toyota has handed down the Five Main Principles of Toyoda, and has been working on environmental initiatives since the 1960s. In 2015, the year when the Paris Agreement was adopted at COP21*, Toyota announced the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, a long-term initiative regarding the global environment until 2050.

On the other hand, from a global perspective, people's awareness of climate change is rising more than ever due to the damages caused by natural disasters including heat waves, floods, large typhoons and droughts in various regions. Many issues that threatens the lives of people all over the world relates to each other in a complex way. To solve these issues, the world started moving to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Toyota also needs to change. For a sustainable future beyond 2030, Toyota will never stop challenging. Based on the idea that our challenges will also lead to solve various issues, we will accelerate our environmental initiatives.

* The 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations (UN) Framework Convention on Climate Change
Major updatesDecember 2020
  • Fundamental Approach Toward the Environmentp.6
  • Plant Zero CO2 Emissions Challenge (Ratio of CO2 emissions reduction compared to 2013 levels)pp.20-21

Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

  • Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050
    Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050
    Environmental Report 2020 p.8
    Toyota will achieve zero CO2 emissions and a net positive environmental impact, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
  • 2030 Milestone
    2030 Milestone
    Environmental Report 2020 p.9
    Indicates how the six challenges that Toyota is undertaking will be as of 2030.
  • Six Challenges
    Six Challenges
    Presents specific details on the six challenges that Toyota is undertaking.
  • Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 Animated Video
    Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050
    Animated Video
  • 2030 Milestone
    2030 Milestone
    Toward a future society in harmony with automobiles and nature

Strategy and Management

In April 2020, Toyota announced a new five-year environmental action plan covering the period from 2021 to 2025.

Highlighted Activities

Harmony with Nature

TOYOTA's Forest Conservation

Forests are an important basis of the local community and society. Toyota is dealing with the issues and backgrounds of the forest, and is working on creating sustainable forests through various activities.

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Main Initiatives
  • Forest of Toyota
    Forest of Toyota
    Toyota is deploying various activities toward creating a sustainable forest through "human resource development and collaboration with local communities" and "establishment of a system that is in harmony with the forest."
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  • Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute
    Toyota Shirakawa-Go Eco-Institute
    Under the rich nature of Hakusanroku, Toyota is working on developing human resources for the future through various hands-on nature programs and children's camps.
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  • Toyota Mie Miyagawa Mountain Forest
    Toyota Mie Miyagawa Mountain Forest
    Toyota is taking advantage of characteristics of the Miyagawa Mountain Forest, which has a historical connection with the timber industry, by promoting lumber production and use, as well as new utilization of trees and spaces.
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Initiatives at Office

  • Initiatives to Reduce Single-use Plastics
    Initiatives to Reduce Single-use Plastics
    Toyota is actively undertaking initiatives to reduce single-use plastics at offices globally.

Web Video on Our Initiatives

  • econohito
    "econohito" derives from the word "ecological" and the Japanese word hito (meaning "person"). This web video features econohito, an ecologically-minded person, who undertakes environmental activities toward achieving the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050.
  • Toyota Argentina
    Toyota Argentina
    A video providing a close look into environmental management at Toyota Argentina.


Activities Promoting Harmony with Nature in Collaboration with Local Communities

In 2019, under the MORIBITO Project of Waterside and Greenery at the Teiho Plant in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Toyota started indicator species* surveys (four times a year) in collaboration with industry, academia and government such as employees, Toyota Yahagi River Institute, Toyota Nishi High School and Aichi University of Education at the regulating reservoir on the plant site.

The survey is conducted by teaching survey methods and other means to high school students from employees who are leaders of this project. In addition, to improve the habitat of oriental reed warblers (bird), dragonflies and other indicator species, we mow some of the reeds (grass family) in the regulating reservoir. The open water created by mowing the reeds has become a space for the dragonflies and other species to gather. And by leaving some of the reeds, we also created a breeding environment for the oriental reed warblers.

Indicator species
Species that will be an indicator to quantitatively assess the ecosystem
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  • Survey of oriental reed warbler
    Survey of oriental reed warbler
  • An oriental reed warbler sitting on the reed
    An oriental reed warbler sitting on the reed
  • Mowing reeds
    Mowing reeds

Environmental Educational Programs for Children Responsible for the Future

Animal Rescue Quiz

Toyota conducts educational programs targeting children, with a desire for children responsible for the future to view environmental problems as their own, and link it to their actions.

As one of our activities, we made an environmental educational booklet, "Animal Rescue Quiz." This quiz-style booklet will enable children to learn about wildlife conservation initiatives in a fun way. Today, many wildlife are facing extinction, and if we don't do anything about this, animals might disappear from the earth. We hope this booklet will become an opportunity for children to think about their future. (This booklet is for children of forth grade of elementary school and under)

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Animal Rescue Quiz