Corporate Governance

Basic Philosophy

Toyota regards sustainable growth and the stable, long-term enhancement of corporate value as fundamental management priorities. Building positive relationships with all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, business partners, local communities, and employees, and consistently providing products that deliver customer satisfaction are key to such. To this end, Toyota constantly seeks to enhance corporate governance.

Toyota complies with the general principles of the Corporate Governance Code, promulgated in June 2015. The details of such are discussed in sustainability meetings and reported to the board of directors.

In March 2011, Toyota announced the Toyota Global Vision, formulated in light of the operating environment at the time, and the Guiding Principles at Toyota. Based on a commitment to being a company that customers choose and feel good about, the Toyota Global Vision clarifies Toyota's aspirations for the future.

Corporate Governance Organizational Diagram (as of June 21st, 2019)

Corporate Governance Organizational Diagram (as of June 21st, 2019)

The Corporate Governance Report details the execution of duties and supervision, the board of directors and its system, the Audit & Supervisory Board, remuneration for the board of directors and Audit & Supervisory Board members, and an analysis and evaluations of the board of directors' effectiveness.

Corporate Governance Report