1. Honor the language and spirit of the law of every country and region, and undertake open and fair business activities to be a strong corporate citizen of the world.
  2. Respect the culture and customs of every country and region, and contribute to economic and social development through corporate activities in their respective communities.
  3. Dedicate our business to providing clean and safe products and to enhancing the quality of life everywhere through all of our activities.
  4. Create and develop advanced technologies and provide outstanding products and services that fulfill the needs of customers worldwide.
  5. Foster a corporate culture that enhances both individual creativity and the value of teamwork, while honoring mutual trust and respect between labor and management.
  6. Pursue growth through harmony with the global community via innovative management.
  7. Work with business partners in research and manufacturing to achieve stable, long-term growth and mutual benefits, while remaining open to new partnerships.

Established in 1992, revised in 1997. (Translation from original Japanese)

Five Main Principles of Founder Sakichi Toyoda

Sakichi Toyoda, Founder of Toyota
Sakichi Toyoda, Founder of Toyota
  • Always be faithful to your duties, thereby contributing to the company and to the overall good.
  • Always be studious and creative, striving to stay ahead of the times.
  • Always be practical and avoid frivolousness.
  • Always strive to build a homelike atmosphere at work that is warm and friendly.
  • Always have respect for spiritual matters, and remember to be grateful at all times.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy: Contribution toward Sustainable Development, which includes an explanation of the "Guiding Principles at Toyota" with a view to the relationships we have built with our stakeholders.