Toyota strives to be a strong corporate citizen, engaging with and earning the trust of its stakeholders, and to contribute to the creation of a prosperous society through all its business operations.

Our corporate principles form the basis of our initiatives, reflect values that enable action, and drive our mindset.

  • Message from Management
    Message from Management
    Akio Toyoda's thoughts on surviving a period of profound transformation, creating the mobility society of the future, building new partnerships, and Toyota's commitment to contributing to society through automobiles and wide-ranging services.
  • Vision & Philosophy
    Vision & Philosophy
    Striving to create outstanding Earth-friendly products for sustainable growth, Toyota respects the laws, customs, and cultures of all countries and regions, rooted in its home-grown "Toyota Production System" (TPS).
  • Profile
    Learn more about Toyota's key personnel, facilities, and business activities, as well as its global sales and production growth.
  • Trajectory of Toyota
    Trajectory of Toyota
    Trace Toyota's development, from the birth of founder Sakichi Toyoda in 1867 to the present day.