Koji Kobayashi, Executive Fellow (Banto) Koji Kobayashi, Executive Fellow (Banto)
Koji Kobayashi
Executive Fellow (Banto)
As of April 1, 2023
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
Date of birth
October 23, 1948
Bachelor's degree in economics, Shiga University, 1972
Apr. 1972
Joined Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)
Jan. 1997
General Manager, Third sales department
Jan. 2000
Project General Manager, Finance Division
Jul. 2000
Seconded to Toyota Financial Services Corporation
Jul. 2003
Seconded to DENSO Corporation
Jun. 2004
Executive Director
Jun. 2007
Senior Executive Director
Jun. 2010
Executive Vice President
Jun. 2015
Vice Chairman
Feb. 2016
Advisor, TMC
Apr. 2017
Senior Advisor
Jan. 2018
Executive Vice President
Jan. 2018
Chief Financial Officer
Jan. 2018
Chief Risk Officer
Jun. 2018
Member of the Board of Directors, Executive Vice President
Jun. 2019
Supervision of the Sustainability Management Department
Apr. 2020
"Banto", Member of the Board of Directors, Operating Officer
Jun. 2022
"Banto", Operating Officer
Apr. 2023
"Banto", Executive Fellow (current)
Apr. 2023
Chief Risk Officer (current)
Apr. 2023
Chief Compliance Officer (current)
Key non-TMC post
Jun. 2021