Fundamental Approach

With cyber attacks becoming more sophisticated and complicated, the targets of cyber attack are no longer limited to confidential information and information systems, but also include the networks of systems that control plant facilities and vehicles (such as on-board device systems). The importance of information security is increasing for Toyota.

Toyota is committed to ensuring the safety and security of our customers from cyber attack threats and we consider it our social responsibility to protect our customers' personal information. Therefore, we are reinforcing information security by governance and risk management based on the Information Security Policy, formulated to clearly define our basic policy and attitude regarding information security, with the goal of taking necessary actions together with our subsidiaries.

Initiatives in Information Security

Toyota has established the All Toyota Security Guidelines (ATSG) covering subsidiaries and affiliates, as an information security framework for comprehensively preventing information leaks and responding to cyber attacks.

ATSG ensures information security through a multi-faceted approach encompassing organizational management, human resource management, technical security, physical security, and incident/accident response. To adapt to recent environmental changes, ATSG is revised periodically.

By annually inspecting the information security initiatives being implemented at each company in line with ATSG, Toyota works to ensure the continuous maintenance and improvement of their information security. Since fiscal 2019, a specialized team has been continuously carrying out on-site audits of all of our consolidated subsidiaries to check responses to ATSG and the status of implementation of physical security measures at each company.

Furthermore, in terms of automobile-related initiatives, Toyota is a member of the Automotive Information Sharing & Analysis Center (Auto-ISAC) in Japan and the United States, a framework for sharing knowledge related to information security, and actively utilizes it to learn promptly about cases that occur within the industry and put them to use in our development.

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