Koji Sato, President Koji Sato, President
Koji Sato
As of April 1, 2023
  • Chief Executive Officer
Date of birth
October 19, 1969
Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, Waseda University, 1992
Apr. 1992
Joined Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC)
Sep. 1992
Technology Administration Division - In charge of project to introduce the technology department center system
Sep. 1994
Chassis Engineering Department No. 2. - In charge of suspension design of the first-generation Prius and Vista
Jul. 2003
Toyota Center ZV Department No. 1 - In charge of North American Camry product development
Apr. 2006
Concept Planner and Project General Manager of Development at Lexus GS, Lexus Center
Jun. 2012
GA-L platform Manager and Lexus LC Concept Planner, Lexus Product Development Division
Jan. 2016
Chief Engineer at ZL and Lexus LC Development Leader, Lexus International Co.
Apr. 2017
Executive General Manager
Apr. 2017
Supervision of Development, Lexus International Co.
Jan. 2019
Executive Vice President, Lexus International Co.
Jan. 2020
Operating Officer
Jan. 2020
President, Lexus International Co.
Sep. 2020
President, GAZOO Racing Company
Jan. 2021
Operating Officer
Jan. 2021
Chief Branding Officer
Apr. 2023
Operating Officer, President (current)
Apr. 2023
Chief Executive Officer (current)
Key non-TMC post
Jan. 2022
Member of the Board of Directors, Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.