Toyota Motor Corporation is a venture business started in 1937 by its founder, Kiichiro Toyoda, despite objections from those close to him; becoming independent from the Toyoda Power Loom Company. Independent Toyota Group companies have subsequently been established in integrated automotive industry areas such as materials, manufacturing equipment, and parts. Indeed, Toyota has grown from its venture business roots into a variety of other fields beyond automobile manufacturing, including housing, financial services, communications, marine and biotechnology, and afforestation.

  • Financial Services
    Financial Services
    Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFS) provides financial services, mainly auto loans and leasing, across over 35 countries and regions.
  • Housing Services
    Housing Services
    (Japanese only)
    Toyota Housing Corporation operates a wide range of housing-related businesses, including detached house construction as well as condominium development and housing renovations.
  • Marine Services
    Marine Services
    (Japanese only)
    Another fun of driving that Toyota delivers. Introducing a high-quality private cruiser of Toyota Marine.
  • Agribio Services
    Agribio Services
    (Japanese only)
    Introducing agricultural support initiatives that utilize the experience and know-how cultivated in automobile production and biotechnology development.
  • Welwalk Business
    Welwalk Business
    Site for medical professionals (Japanese only)
    Toyota Motor Corporation launched Welwalk business which has been delivering assist robots to rehabilitation hospitals in Japan since 2017. Welwalk provides rehabilitation support for individuals with lower limb paralysis as a result of stroke and other causes.